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Automate your payables and receivables online. Route bills for approval, store and share documents, send invoices via email or US mail, pay and get paid, charge customers via ACH or credit card. Automatically sync with QuickBooks.

Approve and pay bills online

Pay directly to a vendor’s bank account, or have us print and mail a check for you. See all the documents related to each bill. Get a complete audit trail, from invoice image, to approvers’ notes, to cleared check image.


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Great tool for small businesses At cleardesk we have happily used for our clients in Charleston for years. All of our clients love how it keeps their monthly cost low. November 21, 2014
Promising Idea, But With A Major Bug That Screws Up Your Data I really want to like this product, so I'm hoping the developers at will appreciate the detail of this review. I've submitted multiple support inquiries about this issue, and none seem to have been taken seriously. Given the inaction, I found it appropriate to post here. If you want to skip the details below, here's the summary: for receivables,'s Quickbooks integration is a disaster due to the fact that it destroys transaction unique identifiers. Here's the detailed version, and why it is such a mess. Situation: We use for receivables (ACH specifically). However, we also have a lot of transactions that are automatically created in Quickbooks (recurring credit card transactions, invoices where people pay by check, not ACH, etc.), and which have nothing to do with Since a lot of customers must be finding out about after they already have established the use of an accounting package, I suspect a lot of customers that fall into the same category as us. For all of these customers, the combination of transactions + automated recurring transactions in Quickbooks = a data disaster. But it doesn’t have to be that way—in fact, it should be easily avoidable. The issue is that, when integrating with external accounting systems, fails to respect invoice numbering of the system with which it integrates. This sounds at first minor, but it leads to a complete nightmare in terms of data management. Let me illustrate my point by way of a detailed example. Let's say that I use Quickbooks online, and that I have QBOL configured to create invoices for 50 customers per day automatically (outside of These invoices have all been numbered sequentially, with each invoice number representing a unique identifier for a particular transaction. I then sign up with and let it send another set of customers invoices (and automatically bill them with ACH). When I sign up with and link my account to quickbooks, fails to respect the existing invoice numbers in quickbooks; inexplicably it starts over at invoice #1. That alone is annoying, but the blow by blow demonstrates why it is such a train wreck. Anatomy of a Train Wreck 1. Prior to starting my use of, let's say I am on invoice # 5000 and that 50 invoices per day are sent to existing customers via pre-existing Quickbooks recurring transactions. I sign up for and enter a single customer to receive a recurring invoice. 2. fires off a single invoice to the customer, but fails to check the next invoice number (which, by the way is VERY easy to do with the QBOL API--I even sent a link to the appropriate QBOL API in a support ticket, but it went over the rep’s head). It doesn't send it as invoice 5001; it sends it as invoice #1. At this point, it has already screwed up because invoice #1 is no longer a unique identifier. 3. Quickbooks comes along the next day to create 50 more invoices. Where does it start? It doesn't start at invoice 5001. Quickbooks starts at the invoice number that follows the most recently created invoice. So Quickbooks goes on and creates invoices 2-51, even though these invoice numbers already exist. At this point we have 51 duplicate invoices. But it gets even worse. 4. Since again fails to check Quickbooks invoice numbering, it thinks the next invoice number is invoice #2. So then we magically have THREE invoice #2s and our unique identifier is completely blown out of the water. 5. Quickbooks comes along the next day and creates 50 more invoices, numbered 3-52. Within a matter of days you will have ten transactions with the same "unique" identifier. Major data foul. To maintain unique identifiers, we are having to manually fix transactions once they get into Quickbooks—which rather defeats the purpose of automation, right? One can see how this is completely broken, and I have no idea how anyone with basic comprehension of principles of database normalization would not see this as a problem. Fortunately the solution appears very simple for if they choose to fix this issue. The solution is this: DO NOTHING. Here is the documentation from the Quickbooks Online create invoice API: DocNumber: String, maximum of 21 chars, filterable, sortable Reference number for the transaction. If not explicitely provided at create time, this field is populated based on the setting of Preferences:CustomTxnNumber as follows: If Preferences:CustomTxnNumber is true, resulting DocNumber is null. If Preferences:CustomTxnNumber is false, resulting DocNumber is generated by incrementing the last number by 1. Sort order is ASC by default. All they would need to do is have a single binary field at that would says “Don't screw up my transaction numbering.” Then, when they synchronize with Quickbooks, they would simply NOT pass a transaction number. Quickbooks automatically will assign the next incremental invoice number, and everything should be just great. Once the invoice has been synchronized with Quickbooks, could fetch the invoice ID so that they are the same in both systems. Problem solved. To be honest, I have no idea how their current integration method passes Intuit's own integration standards. This one bug is so obviously detrimental to data integrity that the receivables portion of the application never should have been allowed in the app marketplace in its current state. Intuit, if this does pass your standards, they need to be revised. Anyway, I really love the idea of product, and I will actually suffer through this major flaw for now with the hope they soon will fix this issue (we badly need the ACH functionality). However, if the purpose of is to seamlessly integrate with major accounting systems, I would submit that this method of numbering transactions is so fundamentally broken that it creates as much work for the user as it saves them. Thankfully, it appears very easy to fix. Hopefully this issue can be remediated in a forthcoming product update. Apologies for the long review, but this has been bugging me and I really want this to work because we need a product like this. Hopefully they will see it as constructive criticism. November 21, 2014
I'm an accountant and my clients LOVE! (And so do I!) I work with several small businesses as an outsourced accounting department. I have set them all up on to process their payables. After configuration and a little training, the AP process is a well oiled machine. Admin staff at the clients' offices scan new bills that arrive in the mail directly into I code each item waiting for me in the inbox and route for approval by an owner or manager. Owner/Manager logs in, reviews the image and the coding I've done. Once approved, I can then pay with the click of a button. All transaction data then magically syncs back to QuickBooks Online, so no duplicate data entry. Also extremely easy to review vendor payment history if needed. Kiss that clunky old filing cabinet good-bye! Streamlined, efficient, and secure! Gone are the days of driving back and forth to the client's office to pick up bills and deliver checks to be signed. I will no longer provide bill pay/AP services to clients unless they use this platform. If you will be integrating with an existing accounting program, like QuickBooks, I recommend getting the help of an accountant familiar with both QB and to assist with the initial configuration. November 20, 2014
LOVE THIS APP! This is the best thing since "sliced bread"!!! The time saved is priceless. If you don't use - you are losing money. What's your time worth? Using this app gives you your life back. Before you get sick and tired of spending another evening paying bills, chasing paperwork and seeing who you owe how much to whom - get this app. You will NOT be sorry. November 18, 2014
Bill.Com is a great addition to QB Online Adding app to my QBO and QBOA services was the final piece in totally mobalizing my practice. Now it truly does not matter if I am in the office or on the road I can handle my administrative issues as well as my client issues without skipping a beat. It has even removed to need for an administrative staff to be in the office, I can pay bills, record invoices as they come in, write checks while traveling. I found setting up to be incredibly easy. They set up a support call to run through the set up and by the time I made the call, I had already succeeded in setting up the program and linking it to QBO and completing my first transactions and sending them to QBO. I don't know how I did without Bill.Com for this long. November 17, 2014
Perfect AP / AR Automated, paperless accounts payable with excellent controls. Who could ask for more? Lots of apps claim to integrate with QuickBooks. is the only app that I've ever seen with great integration. November 17, 2014
I love integration with Quickbooks has made the A/P and A/R payment/collection process much easier in one step. Thanks November 13, 2014
Increase Revenue By Automation of Work Flows This is ideal for companies that want to lean out! Some where in your market someone has Bill.Com and they are doing more while doing less. November 11, 2014
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