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BodeTree offers easy-to-use financial insights specifically for small business owners. With additional access to our network of partners and educational resources, BodeTree helps you achieve your business goals. Start walking down the BodeTree Path!

Interactive Forecast Builder

Start your journey down the BodeTree path by creating a forecast and setting goals for your future business. BodeTree’s forecast builder helps you project your revenues and expenses across the main drivers of your business in 8 simple steps. Quickly and easily make adjustments to maximize your cash flows and overall business value.



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Was not expecting this much awesome. Pros: Quick setup, Reports are easy to read, explanations are offered if user isn’t familiar with the reports or what they measure Cons: Can’t change date range, I’d like to see year over year on some of them My name is Stacy Kildal, and I’ve been using QuickBooks Online since 2004. I’m a workflow expert, specializing in add-ons here in the appcenter. BodeTree is a tool for small business owners that gives them specific reporting and insights into their business that they won’t get from just reading reports from their accounting software. Setup was a breeze - I loved the short intro video and like the messages/interaction between the BodeTree staff after you reach specific milestones in the app.The interface is easy to navigate, although I think settings could presented after sign up and some of the purpose of the Business Profile could be made a bit more clear (it’s for when a business goes to get funding, another feature BodeTree helps users do). Any small business can benefit from this - the pricing is entirely worth it, especially since the base subscription is free! The funding feature is especially useful for new startups that know they’ll need funding in the future, or established companies looking to expand. For my own business, I loved seeing the ebb and flow of my revenue, however, I would have liked to be able to adjust the date range for some of the insights to see if this was cyclical year over year, or just dips/spikes specific to the range showing. All in all, great app. I’ll be recommending each of my clients use the free version from now on - the Peer Comparisons and Key Value Drivers, combined with my favorite box: Take Action! - are amazing tools that every business owner needs to have at their finger tips. July 29, 2014
Get this App and close the deal Bottom-line - Great app. Well put together and thought out. I use the app to guide me through the month. At the end of the month, we send out shareholders a report and update based upon BodeTree. We are a small public reporting company - and we use the app in a number of ways: Shareholder reports Help to set valuation to determine stock price Management analysis - and much more. You can not go wrong - the value is more than there. November 6, 2014
A great tool to use to help make sense of your financials! A fellow business owner recommended Bodetree before they worked with quickbooks online so I signed up for the waiting list. This was the best decision I ever made. Now that they sync flawlessly with quickbooks I have access to their easy to follow reports and recommendations on how to improve my business. I also feel more confident walking into a bank with rock solid financials with projections and a pretty good idea of what my company is valued at. Thank you for creating this tool for small business owners. September 29, 2014
Really helpful for Forecasting I was in need of some help creating a forecast for my business and discovered BodeTree. The registration process was pretty straightforward, and I got started right away in creating my forecast using their Forecasting building tool. At times, I was a little confused with some financial terms that were unfamiliar. But, I discovered the help content first thing, and from that point on, it was pretty smooth sailing. Still exploring other features, but so far so good! September 15, 2014
High value app I've been waiting 9 months for bodetree to become available for qbo integration. It is now here and it is amazing. I'm a SMB owner with no finance background nor an MBA. I am a visual learner so seeing a standard P&L report is less meaningful than having great data visualization. Bodetree takes complex financials and breaks it down to the kindergarden level for folks like me - so that I can understand what is going on in real time, historically, and project business growth going forward. May 22, 2014
Great, simple tool to analyze your company's growth Now that BodeTree is integrated into Quickbooks Online, I can't recommend it enough! With just a few clicks and a few minutes of your time, you can receive a deep analysis of your company's financial health, growth and value. I've never seen such a simple to use financial tool generate such deep reports - for instance, I was able to have a monthly report generated and email to me and my executive team that details how we've done in the past month and compares our performance to previous months, previous years, etc., and allows us to with just a few minutes of reading understand exactly where our company stands financially. Highly recommended! May 22, 2014
Great Insight for My Clients I am really enjoying working with my clients and teaching them how to read their financials with the help of Bode Tree. This is a VERY easy tool to use and is worth every penny. The information that is provided is priceless for my clients. I want them to enjoy looking at the information and the presentation in this application is great. Customer support is top notch and the app is easy to sync up with the QuickBooks file. The integration is seamless. May 10, 2014
Unique and very effective application What a unique and special app for tracking your finances. As the company CEO, I needed something that will enable me to quit bugging my finance personnel about key financial data. BodeTree provides nearly all the financials that I could need in a clear, beautiful, and concise format - all at an amazingly low price. I ran into some hiccups syncing up with my QB account but the support staff was excellent and ensured my problem was resolved quickly. Bottom line is that they are a neat little company with a great little product. Wish there was more like them. March 20, 2014
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At BodeTree, we live and breathe small business. We believe your trust is earned every day, so we promise to be honest and transparent in everything we do. We stand by our products and want you to have the best experience possible. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns email us at



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