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Inventory management designed for modern business needs. Ducotrax helps manage your inventory so you can prevent out-of-stocks that cost you sales, and overstocking which leaves cash sitting on your shelves.

Inventory Management

Ducotrax focuses on one primary goal: Help you manage your warehouse! Imagine if you could reconcile your inventory counts in real-time, and be able to access this information anytime, anywhere, from any remote terminal. Ducotrax stores all item related data, min/max levels, price, cost, etc. and gives you an interface where you can quickly access important information that will keep your business running smoothly.



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This will be great for online retailers! Pros: Great way to manage basic inventory with small assembies Fantastic support; live chat online Developers are willing to customize Cons: Workflow can be a bit tricky to get used to Can’t just click on a line to edit; have to click the edit button I’m Stacy Kildal, Advanced Certified ProAdvisor and QBO Expert. DucoTrax Inventory Management is the latest inventory option in the Intuit Appcenter Sign up is a breeze and it’s really easy to sync to QBO. We set DucoTrax up for a new client that was going to be doing mostly online sales and some phone sales. The developers were completely willing to work with the client to pull sales from their webstore, which was great. My one issue is that at the time of this review, those sales weren’t being synced to QBO as Sales Receipts; they were being pushed through as Invoices, so there was still some work on the client side to go in and post them as paid. We also had a little confusion at the start as to how phone sales would be processed; not all of that was a DucoTrax problem, some of it was QBO user access and who would be doing what. With DucoTrax, it’s very easy to use multiple warehouse locations, to move inventory between them and to adjust quantity on hand. At first I did get confused: I thought the user was required to assign an assembly to a customer work order, but this is not the case. Assemblies can just be created on their own (although you are able to assign and build assemblies to specific work orders. All in all, I think this is a nice introduction and I can see it filling a space needed for online store owners to manage inventory, since at this point there really isn’t anything else in the appcenter that will really do it. Looking forward to future releases; this developer is definitely looking for feedback from users to make the product better. April 4, 2013
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