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Regular Edition starts with $9.95 per user per month. Free trial for Regular Edition is available for 15 days.

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Easy-Commission is a simple and easy to use application for calculating sales commissions online that seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks® and QuickBooks® Online. No double entry of sales data.

Sales rep commission plans

Commissions can be calculated with a few simple steps in Easy-Commission. Commission plan will be unique for each rep. Flat rate, flat amount commissions and bonuses can be calculated. Excel like formula can be set to derive commissions.



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Easy Commission calculation based on your QuickBooks Invoices I am an Advanced Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor. I work with companies in all industries, although my primary expertise is with service companies and billing, accounting and practice management software. Easy Commission is designed to help small firms calculate commissions. The company has other products that are designed for larger firms or those with more sophisticated needs. PROS: - Flexibility in setting up commission arrangements - Extensive reporting and dashboard - Good navigation – once you get started - Videos on setting up commissions CONS: - Videos on home page don’t address getting started with the QuickBooks version, although I was sent a link to a video to address this - 15 day trial period doesn’t include support. - Need clear directions on how to get QuickBooks data into Easy Commission - Can only calculate commissions against invoices When I signed up for the trial version I received a welcome email with data sync instructions that included how to reach Intuit technical support if you have sync problems. I also received an email with an offer for a 20 minute session to help with setup, but I am not sure if this is normal or because I sent an email that I was having trouble setting it up and was testing for the purpose of writing a review. Regardless, the person who called was very helpful and did an excellent job of getting me started. I do think they should have a video on the site that shows how to start with the QuickBooks version. In the personal session I found out that I had to go to tools – import – import from IAC to get started. Once I understood that Import from IAC meant Import data from the Intuit App Center, I was able to quickly and easily import my data and get started. The rest of the navigation is pretty straight-forward and the video shows how to setup commission arrangements. The system handles a number of different arrangements as long as they are based on invoices. I happen to use a lot of sales receipts and you can’t calculate commissions on this, with this product. Easy Commission imports your Sales Reps (vendor and employee based) and your customers. The names appear as hyperlinks and clicking will open for view only. If you want to edit, you must click on the edit icon. This confused me a little at first as I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t change information. Commission plans are setup and associated with a rep name. Each commission plan can include one or more incentives. While you can copy a commission plan it seems to me you should setup commission plans and from the rep screen choose the appropriate commission plan. This would make it easier to setup and maintain if reps have the same commission plan and the only thing that varied was the assigned rep. You can also setup filters and a draw under the commission plan. Invoices are imported from QuickBooks by a manual process. Commission periods can be setup to meet most needs. While I think the interface could use some improvements to make it easier to use, once setup the system runs nicely and offers a number of reports. You can setup the reps so that they can see their own commission reports or you can email reports to them directly from Easy Commission. The help area also needs improvements as there is no way to search the long list of Frequently Asked Questions. Easy Commission offers a free version for up to 2 users-reps. There is an economy version starting at $3.95 per month and a regular version starting at $9.95 per month. Discounts are offered for 1 and 2 year subscriptions. Both the free and the economy edition include ads. While there is reference to a list of features in the economy and regular versions, I was unable to access the list using my Chrome Browser. If you use QuickBooks and need to calculate commission based purely on invoices – either paid or invoiced - Easy Commission is worth checking out. My recommendation is to use the 14 day free trial to see if your commission structure will be supported using sample data. If it looks good, then focus on getting it setup for your company. February 4, 2012
An affordable solution with excellent support Calculating commissions isn't possible with Quickbooks, so we were looking for a time-saving but affordable solution to calculate commissions for our sales techs. Not only did Easy-Commission fit the bill, but it also allowed us to offer a more complex commission structure based on performance. Because of the added incentive this allowed us to create, each one of our technicians has increased their sales substantially. This in and of itself justified the added cost to use EC. Also, EC's tech support is unparallelled. They patiently assisted us through the complete set-up, and even after that, have always been available if we had any questions or problems we couldn't figure out. We are very happy with the choice we made to go with them. November 3, 2014
Basic Excel formula… I was able to apply a new commission schedule in minutes, that would previously have taken my Accountant over 4 hours! Easy system to connect the Quickbook files to the service. Sales Commissions structures can be easy to design but difficult to implement. The Easy Commission system truly did make it easy. With a Basic Excel formula… I was able to apply a new commission schedule in minutes, that would previously have taken my Accountant over 4 hours per pay period. October 1, 2012
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Customers will report customer support cases via online feedback facility available within the application. Customers can also report cases via email ec_support@easy-commission.com.
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