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Time Tracker by eBillity

By eBillity

Simple time tracking. For faster QuickBooks billing and payroll.

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Track your team’s hours and instantly sync approved time entries to QuickBooks for invoicing & payroll. Works with customers, jobs, projects, service items, payroll, and classes! Add +Billing for expense tracking, invoicing, and online payments.

Before Time Tracker, payroll & invoicing was a paper-hunt.

Before Time Tracker, payroll & invoicing was a paper-hunt.

With Time Tracker, you can track time from anywhere, approve your employee timesheets, and then sync to QuickBooks for billing & payroll. You'll spend less time hunting down employee timesheets and be able to quickly create invoices and process payroll in QuickBooks. It's simple to setup and easy to use.



Time Tracker by eBillity 4.3 5 491 491
Got great help for adding new employee. Your representatve Joseph walked me through making sure that I could capture the time sheet of a new employee. He did a great job, very patient with me, very informative......basically, he took control and got it accomplished quickly. I love the program, and he's a great reason why. September 12, 2014
Jonathan was a great help When switching from QB to QB Online, I got twisted in knots trying to synch eBility. He fixed it nicely via chat and all I had to do was watch. Thanks much! September 9, 2014
Sync Manager Needs a BEATING!!!!! I am beyond frustrated w/the Intuit Sync Manager. I have issues on a weekly basis...sometimes it doesn't load my info, sometimes it creates double customer identities, sometimes it downloads HALF of my employees' time sheets. I did have a pleasant experience (first one!) today dealing w/ a customer service rep named Rose. It took over an hours to fix the problem (LAME!!!!!), but Rose was very helpful..and she even promised to smack the developers for giving me so many headaches. :) Ok, not really, but she did get the developers to fix the issue (today's issue, at least). Two thumbs up for Rose...1,000,000 thumbs DOWN for Time Tracker Sync Manager. Intuit...if you are reading this...FIX THE DEVELOPER ISSUES AND SYNC GLITCHES ASAP! IT'S IRRITATING AND YOU WILL LOSE CLIENTS. September 9, 2014
Great for the basics. Frustrating from a business operations standpoint. First of all, I'll say this: Time Tracker is the best thing we have found for the price. As a small agency, we simply don't have the need to spend way more on an exhaustive system. Time Tracker syncs to Quickbooks, which really saves us time. However, there are two issues I've encountered that have no solution: 1) There's no way to set a default service item, which would really save us time when entering projects. 2) There's no way to export whether an entry was billable or not, limiting capacity reports and managing waste. Customer service has always tried to be helpful, with varying success. Today I worked with Khelly to reset our Quickbooks syncing. She was very helpful and we got it done. Thanks, Khelly. September 9, 2014
Chat Help Margaret was very helpful today via chat, I was able to edit an entry that I couldn't figure out and Margaret literally walked me thru the steps in no time via meeting. I now see how easy this new system is to use and the quick help options make it even easier. Thank you! September 9, 2014
On-line chat I'm just starting to use the trial and I was a little confused on using the app. I used the on-line chat and Donna was very helpful. She told me exactly what to do in simple terms. I was up and running in minutes with 0 frustration. September 8, 2014
Joseph rocks! Joseph was extremely helpful in answering all of my questions. September 4, 2014
Very Useful Thank you to Khelly in customer service who helped me with my issue today! September 4, 2014
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Time Tracker gives you unlimited Email, Phone and Live Chat support. Email or start a live chat by clicking the "chat" button to the right.


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