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Secure online backup of your critical-business data up to 100 GB

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Breathe easy knowing your business investments are protected. Automatically backup your QuickBooks and business documents to a safe online location daily, without interrupting your day. Intuit Data Protect is QuickBooks’ intelligent backup service.

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* Automatic daily online backups of your PC business files * Back up open files even while in use * 100 GB backup capacity gives your business room to grow * Anytime 24/7 data recovery * File versioning up to 45 days * Bank-level data security encryptions and safeguards * Integrated QuickBooks status updates * Free expert help



Intuit Data Protect (QuickBooks Desktop Only) 2.7 5 20 20
not reliable This app is supposed to back up all our quickbook files nightly. It says its supposed to back up files "even when in use" according to the description. It does not. Its just incredibly unreliable for an enterprise piece of software. If I kick everyone off the system manually, I can manually back it up so that is why I am giving it 2 stars. September 4, 2014
Extremely happy with this product Have read the other reviews and don't understand their problems. We have been using this product without any problems. Have it set to back up at midnight. We have an accounting and tax practice and we are nightly backing up all of our clients QuickBook files, all of our computer files and all of our ProSeries files dating back to 1999, with no problems. It is a pain to have to scroll through all of the files to restore a file but from what I understand this is the same for any back up system. The piece of mind knowing that if we had a fire we could recover everything is wonderful....and the price! what a deal. Also the Intuit Data Protect Support is wonderful, couldn't ask for more March 20, 2014
I do not like it For some reason Online Backup just started backing up my files. It takes over from the settings I want. I did use it for a while on my last computer, it backed up well and regularly. I had a break-in in my office, my computer was stolen, when they couldn't break the password (glad I pass worded it) because after it was found in the river three days later, the computer was fried. DO YOU KNOW IF SOMETHING LIKE THAT HAPPENS, IT WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO RESTORE IT TO A DIFFERENT COMPUTER. I was MAD. Fortunately I did not trust it and followed up the online backup to my external, hidden, hard drive. As it turned out had been seven days earlier. so only had to re-enter seven days worth. I will not use it and I will not recommend it. I wish I knew how to disable it. ANY IDEAS? March 8, 2014
Terrible Terrible piece of software. unreliable slow worst interface on a backup program EVER They seem to forget that restoring files timely and efficiently is a essential part of a data protection program. October 26, 2013
IDP just restored my entire office, my career, my life. I had no issues with this app when it first launched; it worked for me as intended. It actually worked so well that I hadn't even noticed that Intuit had actually disconnected the free IDP subscription for ProAdvisors on 9/9/13. I just experienced a hard drive failure over this last weekend, and having finally noted that my IDP subscription was no longer active, I was looking at having to ship my drive out for data recovery for which I was quoted $700-$2,000. But one phone call to support and I got my whole entire life back. You just have no idea until it happens to you--I THOUGHT IT WAS GONE. I can't even say I am sad it is no longer free for ProAdvisors, because I would gladly pay to have this service save my entire office/career/life again. THANK YOU. October 8, 2013
Intuit Data Protect is just awful This was one feature of the annual support for our new Enterprise version of QuickBooks purchased in June, 2013 that we "thought" we'd be able to make tremendous use of. Instead it is almost use-less. Definitely a score of 1 out of 5 stars. Does it regularly backup our QuickBooks company file as scheduled every day? Yes. And after you upload the initial file it becomes a very quick daily upload. But good luck trying to manage backing up the other files on your computer. What makes no sense whatsoever is that there is no way for you to log in to the backup server to delete off old copies of the company files, or any other files for that matter, that have been backed up days or weeks previous and which are now mindlessly and uselessly taking up space. Why Intuit does not allow you to login and manage, organize, etc. the uploaded/backed up files is beyond me. Also puzzling is that you can't select individual files to backup, and instead have to select an entire folder. And, while they hypothetically say that you have up to 100GB of storage space, when you try to backup a large amount of files, such as 10GB worth, it might grind along for as much as 20 hours, then fail to complete. We have a very fast Internet speed here, so there is no reason it should take as long as it does or fail as often as it does. It has gotten to the point that we have just given up using this program for anything other than the daily QuickBooks company file backup. I guess we will just try to find some other more competent online backup service or buy a second external hard drive that we will have to shuttle back and forth to and from an off site location. In summary, we are very disappointed in the un-user friendliness, unreliability and ill-designed functionality of Intuit Data Protect. June 18, 2013
Keeps breaking down, doesn't do complete backup, and DOESN'T TELL YOU Breaks down and stops backing up every few months. When I needed to restore data due to a crash part of my data was missing. Turns out it was never being backed up - EVEN THOUGH IT WAS PROPERLY SELECTED!!! March 22, 2013
This App is Total Junk This app only works sometimes. It stops working for no reason and intuit does not inform you. The only thing that is consistent with this application is intuits ability to mess it up. They keep charging me for this app even though it is already included in our full service plan. I could not be more disappointed in this app. March 13, 2013
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