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Go paperless with cloud-based work order scheduling, dispatching, and invoicing for QuickBooks (Pro, Premier, Enterprise). Mobile GPS, Signatures, Inventory, Payment and Payroll integration. Best for HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and repair.

Shuffle Schedules Quickly

Scheduling (or rescheduling) work orders couldn’t be easier. Field Service Management gives dispatchers a dashboard-full of information, including each technician's work orders, geographic location and status. Reassignment and reschedules are fast. When a tech runs late, simply drag and drop the work order to assign a new one.



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Great dispatching functionality! We've been using FSM for years. It continues to be an excellent platform for our dispatchers and field service technicians. The mobile app is very user-friendly, and syncing between FSM and our QuickBooks company file is very efficient. Basic reporting functions are good, but we wish we could build more complex queries. Tech support has always been excellent, though. All in all FSM provides good bang for the buck. November 5, 2014
AMAZING Oh, let me count the ways in which this application has change, I should say revolutionized, our pool and spa service department -which consists of me and two other people just to give you an idea about how small our service department is. We used to use service books to keep track of cleaning, repairs, and general maintenance. It lead to this problem . . . . Who has the books? Did you write down that repair/service/chemical sale? Is that a pool or a spa or both? Who has the books? Where is the residence exactly? What is the client’s name? Who has the books? Let’s not forget to write that down. Where are the books? Yay, you get the picture small business owner. Problem one I was probably losing thousands of dollars in unpaid service work because it simply was not getting written down, problem two NO ONE EVER KNEW WHO HAD THE BOOKS! So I knew problem one was happening more times than I even wanted to admit to myself, problem three it was imposable to train a new employee where and who all of our service clients were let alone where they were, problem four it was talking me a full three days to get 60 invoices out because I would have to get the books, type in each week of service for each client and remember whether they had a pool or spa or fountain or all three, and who’s pools were winterized or opened. IT WAS A LOGISTICAL NIGHTMARE!!!! And even despite these problems we were still getting more services, the problem was getting worse. So me, being the savvy, generation X, “there is an app out there to solve my problem” kind’a gal, hit google and started searching. It took me a few months to zero in on this app, knowing all the problems I needed to solve, I didn’t need to create new ones for myself, reading reviews and looking at the spread sheets and work orders it created. I got in touch with Coringo and looked into it more in depth and decided this could probably solve my problem with a few adaptations. Everything is an adaptation, because your business is unique. I signed up, got a rep to help me configure my clients and set up all of my accounts, he was amazing! (His name was Jim and the man should win the Noble Peace Prize for helping our company solve these problem because for sure he stopped a revolution or at least mutiny within our company from happening!!) We would work a little here a little there, set some goals for the month, when we hit a wall about how to make something work we would rest and think about it and come up with a solution. I honestly wanted to throw in the towel at one point and he would cheer me on! They are great!!!! Again, let’s recap, how this has solved our problems. No more misplaced books, everyone has a smart phone with the app on it. No more never writing things down, it’s simple, click, click, click. No more trying to remember the location of all our clients. No more three days of compiling service dates and repairs into 60 different invoices. A few benefits I didn’t even expect . . . faster compiling time made an hour worth of work and not 20 hours, because I get invoices out so much quicker therefore I get faster payment and better cash flow, which wasn’t even a problem I realized was happening! This thing is amazing and if you are in the service department looking for an application to help, you’ve hit your app. Side Note- Have been using for over a year and every month I go to invoice I am amazed at how this application has changed our business. August 28, 2014
Saves time for payroll We have been using Intuit since August of 2009, the time it has saved us in having to input manual invoices has more than paid for itself. We have be able to grow our department by adding additional technicians and bringing on 2 addition support staff members as a result of our growth. Our payroll clerk also enjoys processing service time cards from intuit and we are looking into incorporating the rest of the field personnel to intuit to simplify date entry of manual invoices and save our payroll clerk a lot of time and reduce stress of not having all time sheets turned in regularly. We highly recommend intuit for any company that is wanting to maximize the time of their support staff. July 2, 2014
Nice change We switched to FSM 1 year ago from another software and am so pleased on the integration with Quickbooks. It is seamless. The dispatch board view in live time is great too to track the employees. The employees use an I-Pad in the field to invoice and that process works well. February 7, 2014
Great App So far so good. Have had some challenges with the integration with our quickbooks and a few settings within the program, but the support has been great when we have had questions. The one thing that I can't find is a way to see the duration of a call on the mobile device. This would be nice for the tech to be able to see this in the field in case the customer is questioning the hours he/she was charged. January 27, 2014
Tweeks FSM works well for us yet we still need more flexibility. When looking at Invoices in FSM (in all status' such as Prepared, etc.), we'd like the date to show so we can sort on the date and insure that we have processed all invoices in a timely manner. Additionally, we do a lot of PM work and need to be able to schedule the PMs for the a specific day of the month; i.e., first Wednesday of the month every three months. PM calls that haven't been run will still post at the planned date when run; the date needs to change automatically to the date the technician actually ran the call so as not to impact Sales Tax reports in QBE. Lets evolve together! January 16, 2014
No Mobile Calander or Calander Integration!!!! You'd think in this day and age of mobiltiy the App would include a Mobile calander and integration with third party calender like Outlook, Exchage or Google calander. We have to maintain two calanders. Or we have to refrence each when schedualling or making daily adjustmets to our schedual.. PLease tell me there is calander integration or a seperate calander in the App in the future.. if notwe are going back to Autotask. January 6, 2014
OK app with some problems The app work OK. Except when the system is down you can not access your appointments. We now print 2 days ahead and keep a paper copy so we are not shut down and miss appointments. This happened two times in 5 months. The APP does not allow you to swipe a credit card and you have to manually enter them costing you time and money. The higher rate for non swiped cards should be deducted from the monthly fees of the APP. It is crazy that an app like this does not allow swiping. You also can not back date a service call to a date it was actually done. We sometimes need to do this if someone is just called with an appointment. We would also like the APP to show the account balance of the call and allow for payments other than the service they are there for. Past due balances not generated in field service will not show up and there is no way to apply a payment. The APP should also show the data entered in the custom fields within Quickbooks and allow you to use the custom fields in your forms within Field Service. Other than these issues, the program is good and we will continue to use it. There are many good things about the APP which they advertise. December 9, 2013
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