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Mavenlink Teams is $6 per user, per month and $4 per user, per month with an annual subscription. Mavenlink Premier list price is $49 per user, per month and is custom based on the length of subscription and number of users.

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Collaborate on projects in a central, convenient workplace, and sync tasks with Google Apps. Manage budgets and integrate with QuickBooks and PayPal. Track project timelines and dependencies on Gantt charts. Create invoices and send to clients.

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Mavenlink provides a central, collaborative workplace to track and complete projects. Time and expense management, budgeting, and file sharing all simplify workflow and increase productivity. Mavenlink integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks to enable more effective job costing, invoicing, payroll, and project accounting.



Mavenlink 4.2 5 20 20
Fills the Project Management Gap in QB Pros: -Scalable from 2-12 Project Creators -Allows for "test drive" projects that don't count towards your actual plan total -Custom Branding with company logo Cons: -The connect to QuickBooks button was rather small; this should have been more prominently displayed. -I had to choose QBO & authorize the app access 2 times -A road map or setup check list would have been helpful; it seemed easier to create a project first, then do QuickBooks Integration. This would have saved time. Reviewer Info: Stacy Kildal, Advanced Certifed QuickBooks ProAdvisor and author of the QuickBooks Online courses at I've been using QuickBooks online since 2004 and currently support a variety of QuickBooks Online Clients. Mavenlink is a brand new Online Project Management Suite that integrates with with QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Online. Review: Setup was a breeze. Once I was in the app, once I poked around a bit, it was very straightforward how to customize, edit settings and get a project started. With the test drive, I was able to practice and get familiar with it - these come complete with fake tasks that need to be completed. I think any sort of consulting company, any company in the construction trade, software developers all can benefit from this app. The seamless integration with QuickBooks really makes this a great tool for any company that needs to track an ongoing project. I can even see different companies working together with Mavenlink; you can invite anyone as a team member and assign users that are Employees or Vendors in an existing QuickBooks file. The ability to manage the team, schedule, budget and invoice a client from one console is fabulous. A true one stop shop. The integration with Google docs/calendar/contacts/tasks is a nice feature I wasn't expecting; teams could create a separate calendar for each project and assign team members access as needed. The last thing I want to mention is the most surprising and wonderfully unexpected thing: the email I received after signing up stating how Mavenlink will tirelessly reward me for using the product. They commit to following on Twitter, liking a Facebook page, offer 30-60 minutes of training and publish a piece of my choosing to their blog. This is collaboration! January 27, 2012
Satisfied long time user We have 100+ employees and have now utilized mavenlink exclusively for time tracking and project management for over a year. Quickbooks integration is a critical feature used for that entire time. Premiere combines tracking and use for managing project budgets, time, internal communication, timelines, tasks, resource allocation and reporting on all of it. The software features continue to improve. We do not even fully utilize the system and still clearly get value from it. July 18, 2014
POOR integration - A failing grade (and lost sale) from me. I launched on start project icon from my job estimate screen and opted for a trial copy - but Maven's website didn't like the version of my IE (and I'm now unsure of what IE version I was using) so it takes a pass and brings you back to their presumed home page. I upgraded my IE, restarted my workstation (closing out of two CAD files I was working on in addition to my other tasks opened at the time), and restarted QB. I repeated the step, AGAIN filling out their form w/all pertinent information - only to get the same screen about my browser deficiency. That is all the time I care to waste. January 7, 2014
Buyer Beware I am one dissatisfied customer! Stupidly, I conversed with an online agent regarding the product and it's integration with Quick Books for our needs. I was satisfied with the answers and should have taken the free thirty days, instead I signed up. The software is NOT user friendly and conveniently, Mavenlink has a $300.00 tutorial as its solution. What a scam - beware, take the free refunds. October 1, 2013
Mavenlink Integration with Quickbooks I use the desktop Quickbooks Pro 2012. I initially had a problem with syncing the Quickbooks Pro 2012 with Mavenlink (no fault of theirs) and the live chat support is fantastic. I have never seen better support for any software system. They walked me through and I am now synced with Quickbooks and it has been heaven. I wanted employees to be able to enter their billable time on timesheets and Mavenlink has a great timer and the time is synced with Quickbooks timesheets in order for me to create payroll checks. Mavenlink is also great as project management program. Once I learned to use the project templates, it was a breeze to set up projects. March 5, 2013
Where Has This Been All of My Life I started using Mavenlink heavily 3 weeks ago. I knew this was a great app just from the limited times I had utilized it. But now that I have jumped in full steam ahead, it has turned my business into an efficient and productive machine. If you are looking for project management tracking and you love to be mobile, this is a must! The integration with QuickBooks is easy. What I love the most is that there was basically zero learning curve. No need to watch a bunch of videos before I could implement the application. I LOVE this app. November 7, 2012
Great app with exceptional customer service I had my intern search for a program that could track our hours provided to clients, and he recommended MavenLink. There's been a learning curve getting to know how to use its features, but overall I'm happy with the product. It's easy to use to track hours spent on client projects, easy to revise (assuming you set up the project right), and whenever I have a question, their customer service is unrivaled. October 31, 2012
Perfect Product for Small Business As a small business owner, I found I was keeping way to much client information in my head. With Mavenlink I am able to record this information as projects and sync my time per project with QuickBooks. Previously I was manually entering my time into QB which tended to be time consuming. This is a fantastic product for the price and they are coming out with new features all the time. Also the customer service is phenomenal. October 30, 2012
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