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MinuteDock starts from $18/month and all plans include a no-obligation 14 day free trial. No contracts. Cancel any time.

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Do you bill by the hour? Then MinuteDock was built for you. No software to install. Industry-standard security. Used and loved by over 500 small to medium sized companies around the world to stay profitable and productive.

Lightning-fast time tracking. The world's fastest.

Entering your time is as simple as typing "30 mins", or leaving the automatic timer ticking away until you're done! Twitter-style logging and natural language entries will have you screaming along in no time. It's never been this efficient!



MinuteDock 4.8 5 17 17
Great way to track time and get invoices out quickly MinuteDock is a great tool to be able to quickly track your time on various projects quickly. As a contracted project manager and quality assurance analyst, I jump from client to client, project to project, and task to task through out a day. MinuteDock is so easy to use that I can change gears quickly to capture what I am doing at that moment, who it is for, and what it should be charged at. Getting my invoices imported into QuickBooks Online is a breeze and it makes sending out my bills that much easier. November 5, 2014
Easy to use! Great support! I have been a software engineer for 12 years. Currently doing iPhone programming. I love this product. It is simple to use. It makes tracking hours and projects easy. The developers of this product are very responsive to feedback and appear to be working hard to continuously improve the services. August 4, 2014
Intuitive, smart, evolves well, great support I've tried a lot of different apps for timekeeping, and this one has worked the best. The reports work really well, any problems I have had I got feedback and solutions within 24 hours. The videos and how-tos work very well, and in essence, this is a super intuitive programme. I've tried other apps and they're clunky and hard to use. The ones that aren't clunky don't mix well with Quickbooks. As a small-business, I don't have time for this. Another bonus is that this scales. For a measly 3$, I can add an employee, subcontractor, etc. I've been using this programme to keep me accountable, to keep me paid, and to make invoicing take all of 5 minutes at the most. I can go back through history and see what I've done, how much I've made, etc. And I can even set goals, which keeps me under budget (or at least warns me if I'm getting close). I cannot speak highly enough of Minutedock. I seriously haven't found a single flaw in its implementation, and I DO recommend it to other small businesses I work with. Plus, those New Zealand accents are just hot. July 31, 2014
Easy, friendly app:-) This app makes it super easy to log time, is easy to edit and provides friendly reminders. The reports feature is fantastic and has really reduced the amount of time I spend putting together the time spent on hourly projects by various employees. The customer service is very friendly and helpful. Overall, a great choice that we're happy to recommend! July 29, 2014
Very Simple to Use! This is the perfect tool to use to keep track of your time and import it directly into an invoice. It saves me a ton of time and keeps me extremely organized. There is awesome customer service which makes the app even more tremendous. Thanks MinuteDock!! June 21, 2014
generally worthy of time Minutedock is straight forward with very few bugs to speak of. It has the basic functionality one would expect. It allows one to change the date, time and log work time as it's being conducted similar to a stop watch. It does some times round up by 15 minutes or less which is annoying but the time can easily be changed. May 29, 2014
Finally... It's perfect! MinuteDock allowed us to streamline our time and invoicing. By being able to log detailed or simple time entries as we work and then later on attach those time entries to billable Clients/Projects/Tasks, it allowed us to focus on inputting time and then once a month billing the time. When invoicing time entries, MinuteDock really shines there too. It is very flexible. You can group time entries by Date, Description, Project, etc. You can combine time entries that are related to turn them into one line item. You can add additional entries as need, all from one very user-friendly screen. Bottom line, no matter how creative you get with your time and invoicing, MinuteDock gets out of the way and is a tool that helps and doesn't make you conform to a workflow that doesn't suit your business. May 25, 2014
Best Time Tracker for Quickbooks or any Accounting Package Minute Dock is a fantastic app that integrates very well with Quickbooks. It has made time tracking and billing so much easier. The price is very reasonable and the team behind MinuteDock is very responsive and helpful. Keep up the great work! April 23, 2014
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