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Pinnacle Cart is an extremely powerful shopping cart and website builder application. Our easy-to-use store builder includes professionally designed templates, Facebook store, mobile enhanced storefront, product syndication tools, and more.

Sync with your QuickBooks Company File

Extend your business investment in QuickBooks with an integrated online store built with Pinnacle Cart. Our eCommerce application syncs with both QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online, automating online order management. When a customer makes a purchase on your Pinnacle Cart store, we seamlessly synchronize the storefront order with your QuickBooks instance - automatically capturing all relevant customer, product and order information.



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Works Great They must have figured out the challenges mentioned below. Works great for me and it is INCLUDED in the cost of the software. July 31, 2013
Long time user We have used Pinnacle carts for 4+ years now, we used to pay an extra service to sync data but now its free! I read others comments about how quick books inventory wont transfer to the cart, if your not familiar with having a cart or have not used the dozens of carts available, and we have tried most of them, you would know that its not possible in a simple sync. It takes knowledge and time to get the info imported, but it can be done pretty easily if you know how. There are lots of tutorials with pinnacle cart that help explain the process and also a lot of services that will do it for you for a small fee. No matter if you build your own cart or buy one ready made, they are a ton of work if you have more than a couple dozen products. This app is worth its credibility for sure and if you have taken the time to read the simple instructions it works perfect, but you need to take the extra time to read and configure accounts so the data always transfers smoothly. As far as pinnacle cart goes, there are so many ways to integrate the cart into most hosting plans and there price is really all around the best value for a clean user friendly interface that even the most in-experienced people can get up and going fast. We ran mirrored stores using the top eCommerce providers carts and there are a few that really give pinnacle a run for the money but if you want quick books integration without paying a ridiculous monthly fee for a third party provider to make the sync, there really isn't a better cart at this time. We have learned the cart so well now that it just doesn't make sense for us to use any other cart, and you can program every thing you've ever dreamed of into it with programming knowledge just as with most other carts. I hope this info is helpful. January 2, 2013
Does not transfer data correctly When we first installed Pinnacle Cart if worked fine. However, over the past 6 months the link has not worked correctly. Pinnacle Cart has no easy fix and we are frustrated. May 4, 2012
Great idea! Awesome app, cart meshes perfectly with my Wordpress site while allowing me to sync directly with quickbooks. Can't believe nobody thought of this before. Great customer support from Pinnacle Cart as well! April 4, 2012
Does not work Have been trying to evaluate this app for several weeks. Finally had to abandon this attempt and have support migrate my trial to the app providers server because the connection to intuit simply doesn't work. After migrating my cart to the other server, the admin site kept logging out in the middle of my adding content to the site. If the site would work, it seems to be a reasonably easy to use app but after weeks of frustration, I have decided to look somewhere else. App provider had reasonably responsive support but I could tell they were frustrated with the unreliability of the product. March 9, 2012
Not sure what Tom is referring to with flash, but as a developer I haven't had any issues with the cart and don't see any flash! Sounds like a competitor bashing something they know nothing about. I have been with Pinnacle Cart for 7 months and this synch of orders is the best of breed integration out there today. I also get the facebook and mobile store for the same price. January 3, 2012
Its almost 2012 and Pinnacle thinks the way to design a shopping cart is entirely in Flash? Flash is for promotional games for 4 year olds, not something as important as your company's shopping cart! Not to mention it doesn't work on most smart phones or tablets. December 6, 2011
I was all excited about this. Your theme selection is aweful! I mean really, come on! I expect a refund of my money. November 21, 2011
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