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QuickBooks Online - Accounting Software for Businesses

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With QuickBooks Online, you have the freedom to work where and when you want — you're not bound to a single physical location. Our users love the convenience of printing off an invoice from a client's office, doing a quick job on the weekend without having to drive to the office, or checking in while traveling. It is also effortless to connect with other users whether it's your accountant or a partner in another state. QuickBooks Online Plus allows for up to 20 simultaneous users. Additional fees apply.



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compliants Absolutely detest Quickbooks. Have spent hours and hours trying to do simple tasks like invoices. Now I am totally stuck on statements and am two weeks late. This is worst program and am going to start looking for new program unless I can get help immediately. diana July 7, 2014
Very Complicated I was quite satisfied with Quickbooks and Quickbooks online before this recent change. A few things could have been better, but in general it was very good. Now I am struggling with many of the new features. There are too many steps to do one simple task. I can't find tabs that I used on a regular basis. I used to be able to review my tenants, seeing notes in full, memos, overdue balance all at once. I used to be able to do many tasks quickly. Now I am confused and frustrated every time I open Quickbooks Online. I don't believe the developers have had experience using this product. It is a mess. Very confusing and not user friendly. I am very dissatisfied with the change. June 3, 2014
Works decent for payroll and basic accounting....that's it. Their payroll and accounting works ok. If you are relying on it for inventory, pricing and reports that help you with your day-to-day, then I do not recommend it. We would like to be able to track margins and setup price matrix's. The reports for tracking sales of an item are worthless, especially if you are taking deposits on items. The payroll function seems to work good, the accounting system is mid-pack as far as ease of use. People have told me that regular quickbooks is much easier. I don't understand the disconnect between the two versions. I found some errors and called quickbooks, they told me that they would escalate this and get back to me------three weeks and still tapping my fingers waiting. May 12, 2014
Weak invoice ability The invoices are unable to use a logo as a title. A company cannot have different invoice layouts - just one. It may be impossible to upload data - ie products, amounts, pricing - so invoice creation will be a long time consuming task unless you plan to sell the same amount to every customer each month. However, if you wait for them to answer the phone, the help is friendly and knowledgeable. January 24, 2014
So-So We use the Simple Start to manage a small Home Owners Association. Although very basic it meets our needs and the online feature is good for transfer of responsibilities and remote viewing. Having said that, the annual renewal fee is too expensive vs. a cheap Quicken desk top version. January 22, 2014
Cannot view estimate text notes When using the mobile version to create notes they cannot be viewed on the desktop browser. So, if you want to track your notes on each estimate or sale document you will need to supply your office staff with mobile devices so they are able to read them. Also you cannot create a text note from a PC or Mac. Very frustrating because every estimate has detailed info relating to the sale. October 31, 2013
Needs work The product is simply too complex to use. The workflow tries to emulate the desktop - bad idea - because it does not come anywhere close. Buggy with image and other links often missing - let alone the down time every few months. Too expensive. Intuit is still in the 90s. Even this simple customer review requires some 15 pieces of info to be input and for me to go through multiple steps. August 19, 2013
Too slow and complicated to use for Point of Sale In an age where software companies are moving towards simpler touch screen layouts, QBO continues to get more complicated and time consuming. + Integrated with Merchant Services - While merchant services are integrated and a customer signature is required, when you swipe a card within QBO it does not offer an option to print a receipt with a signature line. You can add a line to the bottom of the regular sales receipt, but it doesn't appear professional. - Printing a Sales Receipt on a receipt printer is not an option. While you can actually print to a receipt printer, QBO does not to offer a template that would be readable, so full page, time consuming printers must be used. - Data entry is slow while it searches for drop down data (even on high speed connections), and if you dare to go faster it bounces back to the previous field and enters your current data there, resulting in it thinking you're trying to add a new item, which opens a popup, etc. - Data entry is further slowed by a screen that is so long you have to scroll up and down to use on any screen size. + The QBO Android App is actually quicker and more reliable, but does not have an integrated merchant services option. Over all, it has me looking for other, more effective and less expensive options. July 1, 2013
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Customer support is included free in each subscription to QuickBooks Online. No extra fees for a support plan: we're always there for you! Email, phone & chat support is included in Plus and Essentials subscription. Email support is included in Basic subscription. Phone: Questions? (800) 286-6800 Agents available M-F 6am-6pm PST


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