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Inventory, manufacturing, and order management for QuickBooks Online.

By Saddle Oak Software

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30 day free trial. No credit card required for the trial. Upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at anytime. Additional users over the plan limit are $10 /month / user.

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Need better inventory, order management, and manufacturing than you get with QuickBooks Online? Get sales orders, assemblies, serial inventory, multiple locations and more, all at a fraction of the cost of traditional manufacturing systems.

Integrate with QuickBooks Online to eliminate duplicate data entry

SOS Inventory’s most compelling feature is its tight integration with QuickBooks Online. We specialize in QuickBooks Online. It’s not an afterthought for us. Our software is built for QuickBooks Online from the ground up. We know what is possible with QuickBooks Online and what is not, and we’ve built our software to save you time and money by reducing duplicate data entry. The time (and thus money) that your staff saves by using our software goes directly to your bottom line.



SOS Inventory 4.4 5 34 34
Program is Buggy and Inconsistant My company has spent the last 6 months trying to integrate SOS into our Quick Books Online account. We have spent a lot of time utilizing every offered "help" feature provided by the company and we have yet to get the system up and running. The first time we integrated the SOS account with our QBO account it populated all of our venders, items, and customers into the Item inventory in SOS. It also populated all of out items pre-loaded from SOS into the vender list of our QBO account. It was so extensive that we had to create a new QBO account. Since we were starting fresh we populated all of the QBO fields and chart of accounts then attempted to link to a "new" and empty SOS account. This time nothing transferred despite it listing the Sync as successful. We have tried utilizing the help desk and materials but they don't listen. We asked for our SOS to be deleted and instead they told us to make another one. It was clear from the correspondence that despite having access to a record of our case number the rep had not bothered to familiarize himself. Add to this the fact that we have never gotten more than one response per day. After attempting to manually upload the information into the new SOS account I've found that anything "deleted" from the old SOS system will not repopulate into the new SOS unless we change the name. In some instances we are finding duplicates and in other cases we can't get the systems to match. Overall the system has a lot of features for the price but it is not easily integrated and is very inflexible. September 29, 2014
solution we've been looking for Very happy, only been using it for a couple weeks thus far, but so far so good. Took a ton of work to get everything updated and current but have been very happy with the product. July 14, 2014
Not Recommended - Cannot Contact Support I've been using SOS inventory for close to a year. Apart from obvious problems like a very clunky interface (which is supposedly being updated, but has been in beta for months longer than SOS said it would be), sync issues and slow support times, the main problem is being arbitrarily locked out of the software and then receiving NO response from support for days. I've now been unable to do any purchasing for four days and the one message I did get offered no help and has not been responded to. I've spent thousands of dollars in man-hours entering info into SOS and to pay for a service that you can't access and can't get support for is incredibly frustrating. I'd like to mention that my worst problems began when I started looking for another inventory solution. Can SOS see that I've installed other options in the QBO app center and are punishing me by knocking me out and not responding? Who knows? All I know is that if you want good support, to be able to always access your account and a working interface, this is not the solution to choose. July 14, 2014
I do not recommend We have a small business and I contacted SOS with a list of 12 questions with regards to the components that we were looking for. I was assured that all of these things could be done with SOS. The salesperson on the phone was more than accomodating. After we signed up for the trial and imported our data, the honeymoon was over. I called for support and now I find that if there is something that I need, I have to e-mail them and wait. I finally spoke with someone and they said it was a QB issue, not their issue. And these were only two of the 12 things that I had a chance to delve into. I do not recommend. July 9, 2014
Long time member of SOS- Can't imagine life without it! We've been running our business for 8 years and when our business really grew, we began looking for something to import into Quickbooks. When joined SOS we were so thrilled that something was so easy. The costumer service is amazing and very personal. They always answer quickly and personally. I am amazed at the time they save us every single day! April 9, 2014
SOS Inventory This is truly a GREAT piece of backside operational management software addition to QuickBooks Online. I spent 40 years in the large company management environment and have been spoiled by feature loaded warehouse, invoicing and shipping management software. I've grown to respect the functionality of the SOS Inventory package. It's not everything I'm used too, but it does the job for me. Well done SOS Inventory Management team! November 27, 2013
SOS Data Import/Export We manufacture slide bearings at our shop. We produce quotes, sales orders, work orders, invoices, purchase orders, etc. We use QuickBooks Online and SOS syncs with QB great! I had never used either program before and now I can do it in my sleep! Customer support, especially in the beginning, was needed a lot ... and SOS was there for me. They answered my emails very promptly (usually within the hour) and either fixed the problem or told me how to fix it on my end. Either way, the problem was solved, and I was happy. Overall, I would highly recommend the SOS program to anyone that is interested in it. You don't have to know what you're doing before-hand ... you can learn along the way. It is so, incredibly, user-friendly. November 15, 2013
Makes controlling inventory super simple! I use SOS for multiple companies and it has simplified my world and help lower our costs. It can be customized to fit any business needs and its ability to communicate with Quickbooks streamlines tasks making our businesses more efficient. October 16, 2013
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All plans include email and phone support during business hours (9 AM – 5 PM Central). In addition, the Plus, Pro, and Premium plans include email support evenings and weekends.
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