Transaction Pro Importer

Easily import transactions and lists from Excel into QuickBooks Online

By Baystate Consulting

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Plans start at $12.50/mo for unlimited imports. More plans available, visit our web site at or email for details. 30 day free trial available.

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Transaction Pro Importer makes it easy to import many list and transaction types into QuickBooks Online from any text or Excel file. Field level mapping and ability to set default values for fields makes this a simple and powerful way to import data.

Easily Import Transactions from Excel or Text Files to QuickBooks Online

With over 10 million transactions imported with Transaction Pro Importer (TPI), you too can be importing your transactions and lists into QuickBooks Online in just a few easy steps. No matter what type of data you need to import, TPI makes it quick and easy. No complicated import templates; you define and save your own field mapping based on the import file you provide. TPI even validates your data pre-import and provides a log file after import.



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