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Transaction Pro Importer

By Baystate Consulting

Easily import transactions and lists into QuickBooks Online

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Transaction Pro Importer makes it easy to import many list and transaction types into QuickBooks Online from any text or Excel file. Field level mapping and ability to set default values for fields makes this a simple and powerful way to import data.

Easily Import Transactions from Excel or Text Files to QuickBooks Online

Easily Import Transactions from Excel or Text Files to QuickBooks Online

With the Transaction Pro Importer for Intuit App Center, you can be importing your transactions and lists into QuickBooks Online in just a few easy steps. No matter what type of data you need to import, Transaction Pro Importer for Intuit App Center makes it quick and easy. No complicated import templates; you define and save your own field mapping based on the import file you provide. Transaction Pro Importer even validates your data pre-import and provides a log file after import.



Transaction Pro Importer 4.1 5 95 95
I tried the demo and was up and running in no time - I tried the demo and was up and running in no time - Bought the 1 year license the next morning. The support group helped me through some early issues. They did a great job. September 11, 2014
Terrible – does not work I've tried numerous CSV's and XLS files and nothing works. I only get an 'unspecified error'. I even tried to use the exact sample file they give you to see if anything could be imported. Same error. Doesn't work at all. September 6, 2014
Great Support for Import Issues! I was having an issue with my import into the new QBO. My Descriptions weren't copying over when I tried to invoice. The Support People at Transaction Pro Importer were awesome. My rep helped me through every step of the changes that needed to be made to my import. Even though I was constantly going back and forth with her on-line, she was always patient, understanding and extremely responsive. That really helped to make a very frustrating issue a lot less difficult to deal with. I would recommend the import option/app to anyone. Not only for the ease of use, but the excellent support and knowledge base of those you work with when there's a problem. July 30, 2014
Amazing Service and Features At first, I was having trouble uploading large data files, but Karen worked diligently to resolve my issues. She stayed helpful and available the entire time. I love Transaction Pro Importer because it saves me a ton of time. Thanks Karen!! July 30, 2014
Excellent Import Tool I have been using this import tool for a few years to import cash receipts snd bills. Effective easy processing with appropriate error messages when I make mistakes with account names. This allows the user to create the information in an excel spreadsheet and take advantage of that flexiblity prior to importing into quick books which is a real time saver. May 30, 2014
Works well for large volume imports I've been using it for over a year to import hundreds of invoices every two weeks and it has never failed me. Not the fastest app (takes about 4 sec/transaction) but much easier than creating them all individually by hand. Cost is very reasonable given the time it saves. Could use a few more bells & whistles (enhancements). The basic functionality is there and works well. May 20, 2014
Importing our payroll data We use an outside payroll provider and needed a way to get this data into quickbooks. There are about 250 p/t employees we pay each week and we used this tool to import the csv file we get from our payroll company. Once we got the fields mapped its been easy to just load the file and import it. Its saving us alot of time. April 25, 2014
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