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The ideal integration with QuickBooks to track employee time for payroll, invoicing & job costing. --->“My staff can clock in using their mobile devices. The integration with QB is great and my payroll processing time has been cut in half.” ~D.Nolan

MOBILE Time Tracking with GPS

Track time using devices your employees already use; any computer, mobile phone or landline, iPhone or Android app, smartphone browser, text message or Twitter. When on the clock using a smartphone browser or app, TSheets tracks time and GPS location points for employee routing, accountability and more. **"My employees like it because it is real-time mobile entry and they don't have to worry about turning in a timesheet every week because it's already done!” ~Pointe from Lakeside, AZ**



TSheets Time Tracker 4.8 5 683 683
Happy to use and happy to recommend! As part of my practice, I research and recommend 3rd party solutions that integrate with QuickBooks, both desktop and online. As my reputation is at risk, I do my best to try out these apps and learn as much as I can about them. I also want to make sure these companies have superior tech support to help my clients. I am now using TSheets for my practice. I love that I can log in either from my computer or my smart phone. I identify the client, whether or not it’s billable, the type of work I’m doing (from QB’s items list) and write notes. After I sync with QuickBooks I’m ready to invoice my clients. Before, I was keeping a manual timesheet and entering into QuickBooks when I had time. Not very efficient. TSheets has a great onboarding process. They made sure I was set up correctly and followed up to see if there were any tweaks that had to be made. I also get a weekly email with my activity. I would not hesitate to recommend TSheets as a cloud based time tracking application with outstanding integration with QuickBooks. I also like that they have a "solopreneur" plan for folks like me that are single time trackers but are flexible enough to handle much larger businesses. November 2, 2013
Great Customer Service!!! Chelsea was wonderful and extremely knowledgeable about the product and site. She was able to walk me through several areas where I had questions. Violetta - Live Chat - she was also great and helpful. Elise - Sales - talked to my husband and he also was impressed with her customer service skills. If what we have experienced so far is an indication of the quality of the product (we are new to T-Sheets) we will be so very thankful and happy! Thanks again, Ladies! November 21, 2014
Brianna Boland Brianna was exceptionally knowledgeable and helpful with walking me through everything. She was able to answer all of my questions in a professional but friendly manner. On items that I brought up that this app did not currently have she put in an item request for the app team to look at and see if it could be implemented. Thank you for all of your help! November 21, 2014
So far so good! I just downloaded the application for a small business and so far i love the gps feature and the ability to sync with quickbooks. The live chat feature was great... Shayna was very helpful and very personable. Highly recommend. November 21, 2014
Briana was awsome Briana was awsome. I spoke with her and she helped me by extending my trial until the company os ready to implement. Thansk November 20, 2014
Tech Support was great! Our company has just signed up for TSheets and we ran into some technical difficulties on our side trying to sync with our Quick Books files. After speaking with Haley, she had us up and running! She is very knowledgeable about the program, made recommendations, and took the time to double-check the settings, walking me through the features. It was tech support and training all in one! Thank you, Haley! We are looking forward to using TSheets to manage our job tracking with ease and real time updates! This will be a boost to our productivity so that our time is better spent! November 20, 2014
Super Powerfull This app is awesome for tracking employees time. I can see who worked on what job, how long, what % by employee, WHERE they punched in on a map... just fantastic. We used to do this with paper timecards and a paper time clock. I wish I switched years ago. What I am most impressed with is their customer service. Every time I live chat with an associate, they are extremely helpful and very knowledgeable. It doesn't matter who you chat with, they all seem to know the software inside and out. They never tell you to hold on, or go an ask tech support... they always just know! I just chatted with Shayna and she was the one who inspired me to write this. Super cheery, super helpful, super easy to talk to. I am impressed. November 20, 2014
Great app, but support is AWESOME OK, we all like products that do their job properly and efficiently. TSheets does that for sure. Great integration with QB and all. that's what we expect. However, some of us are utter buffoons when it comes to HR/Payroll/Timekeeping, etc. yet we have to use the application when our HR/Payroll folks are away. That's when the trouble starts. TSheets has a prominent "Live Chat" button, as do most things these days. The difference is that, I clicked it and was connected within seconds to an agent, (Shayna was the lucky one this time!). Without going into detail, let's just say she guided me to the appropriate information and solution very quickly and made it all very simple. So glad we went with this product. Ideally, we would NEVER need support, but this is the real world and TSheets provides excellent service. November 20, 2014
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Connect with the best customer support in the industry. Guaranteed.+ Support: (888) 836-2720+ Email: help@tsheets.com+ Online: help.tsheets.comWant to learn more? Free weekly webinar!ProAdvisors: Share the TSheets App with Your Clients! Download available here: http://www.tsheets.com/downloads/docs/TSheets-Time-Tracking-App-for-QuickBooks.pdf
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