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Time Tracking by TSheets

By TSheets

Mobile, GPS time tracker for fast, accurate payroll.

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Smart integration with QuickBooks! Clock-in from a computer or mobile phone/tablet with text, dial-in, or GPS enabled apps. Run payroll, billing and invoices against time tracked! Timesheets so easy, your employees will love us!

“I Wish I Spent More Time Manually Entering Hours for Payroll” - said no one, EVER.

“I Wish I Spent More Time Manually Entering Hours for Payroll” - said no one, EVER.

There are only 2 stories to tell when it comes to payroll. One is a very long, tedious story, and the other is a happier tale, short and sweet. Which would you prefer? Take your multiple step, manual payroll process down to just 2 easy steps with TSheets. Retain all the functions, records, and time-entries required to keep the integrity of your payroll, as well as offer other protection features for your clients AND saving them money. Sound too good to be true? Not anymore.



Time Tracking by TSheets 4.8 5 581 581
Happy to use and happy to recommend! As part of my practice, I research and recommend 3rd party solutions that integrate with QuickBooks, both desktop and online. As my reputation is at risk, I do my best to try out these apps and learn as much as I can about them. I also want to make sure these companies have superior tech support to help my clients. I am now using TSheets for my practice. I love that I can log in either from my computer or my smart phone. I identify the client, whether or not it’s billable, the type of work I’m doing (from QB’s items list) and write notes. After I sync with QuickBooks I’m ready to invoice my clients. Before, I was keeping a manual timesheet and entering into QuickBooks when I had time. Not very efficient. TSheets has a great onboarding process. They made sure I was set up correctly and followed up to see if there were any tweaks that had to be made. I also get a weekly email with my activity. I would not hesitate to recommend TSheets as a cloud based time tracking application with outstanding integration with QuickBooks. I also like that they have a "solopreneur" plan for folks like me that are single time trackers but are flexible enough to handle much larger businesses. November 2, 2013
Great Customer Service Great Customer Service everytime I call!! Talked to Brianna today:) September 16, 2014
The best customer service in the world!!! The price is well worth the experience. That's doesnt even include the money you save. Time equals money! When it takes the payroll personnel 45 minutes per week instead of 5+ hours per week just to create timesheets and run payroll, the company saves big! September 16, 2014
WOW! I needed help and tsheets was there! I had a problem with an error in my sync log. I called tsheets, Brianna answered and patiently walked me through correcting my errors and got me quickly back on track so that i could run payroll! What a blessing! This kind of service relieves the stress of working in this fast paced world! Hallelujah! Thank you, Brianna! September 15, 2014
T Sheets Rocks T Sheets has an awesome level of functionality. Also when there is a feature or request I can not figure out. customer service is friendly, attentive, and has all the answers! Thanks Nina and T Sheets! September 15, 2014
They took my mess of hours and made it beautiful! I'm a small business owner and for months I have wanted to do things like track my hours by client or instantly pull things up and see how many hours I have spent on one project. Or I have wanted to see how many hours my employees and I have spent doing admin vs editing work in the past several months. I was able to manually import my old hours from months before and wow! I now have a picture of my business that is much clearer and it's super easy to transfer hours to an invoice in Quickbooks online. It has definitely saved me hours of time!!! The support staff is also super fast and always has the right answers. September 12, 2014
Customer Service Excellent customer service, especially with the live chat. Prompted my questions and within minutes they were able to solve the problem for me. THANK YOU September 10, 2014
Very helpful in the set up process I'm setting up sync between QB and TSheets. The customer care people I've talked to at TSheets are great. Short wait times and knowledgeable staff. Brianna was very helpful this morning. Looking forward to completing the testing phase and using everyday. September 10, 2014
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