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Zapier is the easiest way to connect QuickBooks Online with the apps you already use, such as Freshbooks, PayPal, Harvest, Salesforce and email. Avoid data re-entry and agonizing copy and pasting by automating your invoicing and accounting tasks.

Automate Your Accounting Work

After a one-time, simple setup, moving data between QuickBooks Online and your other apps happens without any work on your part. You can focus on the work that matters most to your business.



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Saves time! I have been using Zapier to create new customers and invoices in QBO when I receive a PayPal payment. Works great and their support is outstanding! May 14, 2014
DRY: Don't Repeat Yourself We use Zapier in our business to better implement the DRY principle. We have Zaps set up so that customers created in Quickbooks Online also are automatically created in our help desk app, appropriate mailing lists, project management app, etc. Every time we add a new customer, we save approximately 20 man-minutes in the onboarding process by automating this synchronization through Zapier. December 18, 2013
Integrate with any service in under 15 minutes We use Zapier to automatically import customers and invoices from Freshbooks into Quickbooks Online. It works quite well, is easy to get set up, and saves us a few hours a month all for ~$15. Highly recommended. Be aware that it's a simple integration so it won't map line items from Freshbooks into line items for invoices for Quickbooks, for example. This means that most invoices need some manual editing afterwards, but you can't beat the price and simplicity until there's a native Freshbooks <> QBO integration. December 17, 2013
You need this Zapier I use QBO everyday and after a while it becomes tedious to repeat certain tasks like adding customer or invoices. Zapier automates all this so you don't have to do it manually anymore. Example: Customer fill out a Wufoo Form online and Zapier integrates all the info into QBO. It's a cinch! December 17, 2013
Zapier is amazing With this service you can trigger interactions between hundreds of popular web apps. It's pretty straight forward. Anyone can program a zap even if they don't write any code. I have mine programmed to automatically add new customers to my quickbooks contacts from gdocs and to trigger a new sales order to the proper customer account each time they book a date with one of our providers and it shows up on their gcal. The possibilities are endless. December 3, 2013
Save time & money! Zapier works great! With it we were able to set it up so our CRM tool will auto create a new customer inside QB Online and also hook up our project management system to auto create invoices for billing. This saved us both time and money on doing data re-entry. December 2, 2013
Ok, but missing functionality To automate some tasks such as adding vendors, customers, invoice etc. will work. Missing functionality that hope will be included in future such as mapping a Purchase Order from one zap to another. November 26, 2013
Eliminated 12 Hours of Labor Monthly, Reduced Billing Errors and Saved us 3rd Party Software Costs The Zapier App allowed us to move from a semi-manual invoicing process to one that is fully automated. The system no longer has human error and we were able to eliminate another software we were paying for monthly. Great Job Zapier Team. November 22, 2013
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We love helping you save time and money using Zapier! Explore our support documentation to get help troubleshooting integrations and learn how to use features. We offer swift and friendly email support if you need any help getting started.
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