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Let our virtual AR team automate your accounts receivable process.

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Get Ongoing Help With Unpaid Invoices

Managed service starts at only $10 per month per customer. Automate invoice follow-up and easily manage the payment collections process.

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Whether you need urgent or ongoing help, after you send an invoice in QuickBooks, ZenCash kicks in to automate the process of getting you paid. Continue to bill and record payments inside QuickBooks, while ZenCash transforms your AR.

Outsource Your Accounts Receivable Process

No business owner enjoys following up on unpaid invoices. If your business is growing, keeping cash flowing into your company can be a critical business discipline that gets overlooked.

  • ZenCash’s virtual AR team and elegant software can transform AR from something that’s often overlooked and understaffed into a disciplined, well-groomed part of your company.
  • Save countless hours each month
  • Reduce borrowing costs
  • Prevent lost revenues from non-collections



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ZenCash is here to help with your questions and anything else we can do to get things running smoothly. sales@zencash.com
(214) 580-2002


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