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Let our virtual AR team automate your accounts receivable process.

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Get Ongoing Help With Unpaid Invoices

Managed service starts at only $10 per month per customer. Automate invoice follow-up and easily manage the payment collections process.

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Whether you need urgent or ongoing help, after you send an invoice in QuickBooks, ZenCash kicks in to automate the process of getting you paid. Continue to bill and record payments inside QuickBooks, while ZenCash transforms your AR.

Outsource Your Accounts Receivable Process

No business owner enjoys following up on unpaid invoices. If your business is growing, keeping cash flowing into your company can be a critical business discipline that gets overlooked.

  • ZenCash’s virtual AR team and elegant software can transform AR from something that’s often overlooked and understaffed into a disciplined, well-groomed part of your company.
  • Save countless hours each month
  • Reduce borrowing costs
  • Prevent lost revenues from non-collections



ZenCash - Your Virtual AR Team 4.8 5 15 15
One of a Kind QB Add On! I’m Stacy Kildal, an Advanced Certified QuiickBooks ProAdvisor and QB Online expert. ZenCash is currently one of my favorited apps in the Intuit Appcenter. I think it's a brilliant and unique add on to help small businesses and accounting professionals get paid quicker, and in the event that they don't? ZenCash will handle the legal collections. I tested it directly with my own QBO file, although it does also integrate with desktop editions. From the ease with which it connected to my data and pulled in my invoices, I have no doubt the desktop integration would be just as seamless. I've never seen an add on that does what ZenCash does; it automatically pulls your invoices in and allows you to automatically mail thank you cards when you create the invoices, or when they're paid - or both. And you can add gift cards with them! If they're late, you can have an ZenCash A/R specialist call to remind the customer/client that payment is due; and you can edit the script. All of these Should the invoices go into default, you can have ZenCash handle the collections for a percentage, and only pay that if the invoice gets paid by the customer! While the past due invoicing is cool, I would really love to see Sales Receipts added so that I can send out Thank You Notes to each new client. I have asked them to add that feature. They’re also aware of that people would like to customize and automate the different levels of thanks to send, based on invoice total. Sending out the thank you cards is a great way to make sure your customers remember you fondly (creating that "zen feeling"), and thus pay you on time. The call from the A/R specialist takes that awkward call out of the hands of the small business owner or accounting professional and into those of someone with which the customer/client may not have such a personal relationship. Consistent cash flow is so important for small businesses, and ZenCash is nice tool to have to help keep customers (and owners) happy. October 1, 2012
Revolutionary Solution to A/R Management This is not your standard application. This application is simply a platform to enhance your financial operations with a full serviced A/R department for a fraction of the cost. We drastically have improved all collections metrics, the service is fantastic, and they are excellent with clients. Highly Recommended. April 16, 2014
This is your AR Collection Solution. Five Stars My company is a HVAC company and we always struggle with keeping our AR pipline coming in. Finally, these guys have created a solution that works for me. So here is what I love about this app. 1. Real people on phone support 2. Automated AR collecting process. 3. Dashboard is clear and easy to use. 4. Inbox keeps me in the loop on what is going on. 5. Flexibility on general collections actions then you can specify for individual clients. My biggest fear was that some of my big clients would feel hassled. The opposite has been the case. Everyone has been very supportive and the phone call people are very professional and kind to my clients. I 100% recommend this app. Additionally, the price is about a cup of STarbucks a day. No brainer. March 27, 2014
What you should know up front. What you should know is that with their current subsciption pricing model, you pay them $1 for each and every overdue invoice you have in your accounting system. Does not matter if you only want zencash to handle a few of them. So if I have 100 overdue invoices and only want zencash to handle 3 of them(exttra a la carte fee added), I still have to pay them $100 in addition to the a la carte fee for that month. Why in the heck would I pay them $97.00 for no service on those invoices? I don't get it. Forgot to recieve payment on 5 invoices, guess what? Yep, $5 more that month. They actually charge you for making mistakes in YOUR accounting. I don't get it. ZenCash, if I'm wrong about th is please set me straight. I hope I am actually. February 26, 2014
Great service! Zencash is a great service that saves a ton of time and helps small businesses get paid. January 9, 2014
Excellent Great way to keep track of invoices! I would recommend this product to any freelance professional. October 1, 2013
Saved me time & money! I was ready to send two accounts to the Bad Debts category but decided to try ZenCash first. Collecting a portion of the account is better than not collecting at all. Within 60 days, I have collected on one of the two accounts! Awesome! Thanks ZenCash!! August 12, 2013
ZenCash is the ultimate answer for a business where one person does all the accounting Beautiful, simple, and thoughtful app to help with the A/R process. Typically people think A/R is easy - the hard work was done, now you just have to follow up and get paid. While it may seem that way getting paid can quickly escalate and grow out of control. With ZenCash, we're able to pay a small fee and remain in control - while better utilizing our resources. I would recommend this app for anyone who feels overburdened or in need of a little receivables help. ZenCash will mail a physical invoice, setup calls to customers for reminders, and even streamline any collections issues. Of all the apps on the intuit app center, this is the one must have. You only pay when you use it. June 14, 2013
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ZenCash is here to help with your questions and anything else we can do to get things running smoothly. sales@zencash.com
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