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Tax1099.com offers unmatched features for small business and accountant users. Whether you have a handful of 1099s, thousands of 1099s, or a host of clients who need to file 1099s, we can help!

Simplify your E-file Process with our QuickBooks Integration

Our app allows you bring your 1099-MISC data from QuickBooks over to Tax1099.com in just a few clicks. Connect the app and you’re ready to start! We will guide you through the integration process to allow your qualified vendor data to flow to Tax1099.com, where you can complete the e-File process. We can bring data in from QuickBooks Online, any QuickBooks Desktop company file that has been synced with Sync Manager, and other QuickBooks Desktop files with our plugin, available on our site.

Data Security

We recognize the importance of security when working online. All of our data is hosted in SSAE-16 Type II compliant data centers. 256-bit encryption provides bank-grade data security. We backup data in real time to prevent any loss of important information. Two-factor authentication gives you another layer of security for your or your clients’ data.

Confirm your Vendor data is Accurate Before You E-File with our Vendor Compliance Solutions

Anyone who has received a CP2100 or CP2100A notice can tell you, it’s no fun when a vendor gives you incorrect information. The IRS tends to take that pretty seriously. Using our TIN Matching and W9 e-Solicitation tools can help you prevent those notices and ensure you remain in compliance with IRS rules and regulations.

Control your Internal E-file Process with Rights Management and Workflow Solutions

For accountants and large filers, we permit multiple users and are currently building specific Rights Management and Workflow capabilities for your firm. You will be able to manage the 1099 process by choosing who enters data, who approves data, and who transmits the final forms. Look for more details soon!

Not Just for 1099-MISC Forms

While some providers only offer the 1099-MISC form, we have 10 different 1099 forms, plus 1098, 940/941/944, W2, W2-C, and will have 1042-S available soon. E-File them all under one account. You can even schedule the e-File for a later date while generating the copies to send to your contractors or employees. That way you have the advantage of being able to update the forms before they e-File, without creating a corrected form. File year-round or for prior years, as well.

Multiple Form Entry and Delivery Options

Besides our QuickBooks integration, you can also enter the data manually for your 1099-MISC or our other forms. We also offer simple Excel templates. With our Excel templates, you can actually import from your Excel file, not a .csv or .txt version. Deliver your forms via email or USPS mail, or print them yourself on plain white paper. No pre-printed forms any more!

Simplify your E-file Process with our QuickBooks Integration
Data Security
Confirm your Vendor data is Accurate Before You E-File with our Vendor Compliance Solutions
Control your Internal E-file Process with Rights Management and Workflow Solutions
Not Just for 1099-MISC Forms
Multiple Form Entry and Delivery Options

Pricing starts at $2.90 per e-filed 1099, 1098, or W2 form. As you file more forms, the cost per form e-filed decreases to a low of $0.55. We also offer USPS mailing for $1.25 per mailed form. There’s no cost to sign up and check us out!

Essential E-File Pay for the forms you e-file. 999 Pay per form e-filed, and pay for separate items such as mailing and TIN Match. There is no up-front cost and no annual fees. Pay only for what you use.
E-File Plus Compliance $149 annually 999 Pay for forms and mailing as in Essential E-file, but receive your first 250 TIN Matches at no additional cost. Each TIN Match over 250 costs only $0.50.
Enterprise E-File $249 Annually 999 Built for larger accounting firms and businesses, this plan offers the same benefits as our E-File Plus Compliance plan and adds Rights Management, Workflow, and state filing to non-Combined Federal State Filing states at no additional cost.

We understand that sometimes you need assistance. We’re here to help! Check out our Knowledge Base for articles showing step-by-step instructions for completing tasks in the system. If you’re still stuck, contact our friendly and professional support team via chat, email, or phone. Our chat link is on every page of our application, you can email us at support@tax1099.com, or call us at 877-811-3829.


Online support:


How much do you charge?
We charge based on the number of forms you e-file, starting at $2.90 per form e-filed and going as low as $0.55 per form e-filed. Check our price calculator on Tax1099.com to estimate your charges.
Is my data secure?
We use bank-grade security, SSAE-16 Type II hosting, two-factor authentication, and many other tools to ensure your data is secure in the cloud. Contact us for more information on our security.
How does the QuickBooks integration work?
Connect the app and bring your 1099-MISC data from QBO directly to our site. Desktop users syncing with Sync Manager can do the same. Desktop users can also download the QBW plugin from our site to send company file data to us.
Do I need to buy pre-printed 1099 or W-2 forms?
No! Once you've created your forms, we will handle e-filing them to federal and state agencies and provide them to your vendors via email, USPS mail, or pdf files you can print on plain white paper. No more rushing out at the last minute to buy more forms than you need or aligning the printer just so to match the pre-printed forms.