71lbs: Get Your Due FedEx & UPS Shipping Refunds!

FedEx & UPS automated refunds back into your bottom line

Key benefits

  • Did you know if your FedEx or UPS shipment is delivered late -even by 60 seconds! - you are entitled to 100% full refund? Most merchants are not aware of the refund policy.

How it works with QuickBooks

Every FedEx & UPS overnight, ground, and international shipment have a 100% money-back-guarantee if delivered late. 71lbs integrates with QuickBooks Online, documenting journal entries of weekly shipping refunds automatically into your account.


Every year $2 billion dollars are left unclaimed! FedEx/UPS won't automatically refund you. That's where 71lbs come in - sign up online, then we do all the work for you. We audit your shipments and file your claims electronically with the carrier on your behalf. Refunds go directly into your shipping accounts!

We only invoice you if we save you money first

Percent of refunds Refunds are directly credited into your account with the shipping carrier. Once received in your FedEx and/or UPS online account, 71lbs collects a percentage of the found refunds. 1 You receive the full amount of the refund from FedEx and/or UPS. At the end of the month, we invoice you for half. If we don't save you money FIRST, you don't pay us anything!



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How does 71lbs notify me when I receive a refund?
71lbs notifies you by email weekly when we find you refunds. Refunds automatically show up in your QuickBooks Online account as journal entries.
What does my business need to do in order to collect the refunds?
Nothing. Refunds are credited directly to your FedEx and/or UPS account.
Does 71lbs provide any reporting or analytics to provide insight into my overall shipping spend?
Yes. You have a customer dashboard providing details on your refunds and shipping.