ABUKAI Expenses

Quickest and easiest way to enter Expense Reports and Invoices


Finish expense reports in seconds, and easily post your expenses and invoices to QuickBooks Online

The quickest and easiest way to create expense reports

  • Simply take photos of your receipts or invoices while traveling or in the office with the ABUKAI Expenses mobile application.
  • Hit "process expense report" and ABUKAI auto-magically generates the transactions for you directly in QuickBooks Online -- without you ever having to type!
  • ABUKAI fills in the vendor, date, category, total, and description for you. ABUKAI even automatically converts foreign currency transactions into your home currency.

Obtain a more real-time view of your expenses

  • By enabling employees to capture their receipts right away, remote or in the office, finance and accounting can see a more real-time view of expenses directly in QuickBooks Online.
  • In turn, a company can have a better idea of its cash flow and liabilities, instead of spending time hunting down employees or missing receipts.

Track electronic approvals (optional)

  • With the optional approval module, you can establish an electronic approval flow to track which expenses have been approved.
  • ABUKAI's powerful scripting language enables any kind of routing and approvals.

Archive and reconcile your receipts (optional)

  • With the corporate receipt review option, finance can immediately pull up and review the according receipts through ABUKAI's portal.
  • ABUKAI can also automatically match the incoming receipts against your corporate credit card.

The quickest and easiest way to create expense reports
Obtain a more real-time view of your expenses
Track electronic approvals (optional)



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$49 one-time setup + $99/seat/year

Standard Corporate Account with QuickBooks Online $49 one-time setup + $99/seat/year 500 Corporate Account with QuickBooks Online integration. Each user/seat is $99/year.



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How do I connect my ABUKAI Corporate Account with QuickBooks Online?
When you sign up for your ABUKAI Corporate Account, please indicate to your ABUKAI Sales representative that you would like to utilize the QuickBooks Online Integration option. Once you receive the log-in information for your ABUKAI Corporate Account, please follow these two steps:
  • 1) Log into your ABUKAI Corporate Account portal at http://abukai.com/corporate.
  • 2) Click “Authenticate” and follow the on-screen instructions.
What mobile devices does ABUKAI support?
  • Apple iPhone/iPad
  • Android
  • BlackBerry
Can I upload receipts without my mobile?
Yes, simply go to the ABUKAI User Portal at http://abukai.com/user.
Under Expenses / Edit, click on "Import Receipts" and simply select a number of PDF or other receipts for upload.