Simplify your bill processing - easily streamline coding and approval of bills.

Key benefits

  • Vendor Portal - empower your vendors to submit and track their invoices electronically. reduce the time it takes your AP team to process and upload bills to QuickBooks. Vendors are automatically notified of rejected invoices and payment status
  • Automated Approval Process - flexible workflow configurations based on your company processes. Invoice are routed for approval electronically - keep track of approval status and accrued expenses.
  • Analytics – How many times do you find yourself looking for an invoice? Processing, storing and retrieving Invoices can be significantly improved with AIMSware. use the search engine or link them directly to your AP system for instant access!

How it works with QuickBooks

AIMSware is tightly integrated with QuickBooks. By retrieving Vendor Information, Purchase Orders and GL accounts, AIMSware reduces coding errors, enforces purchase order limits, AIMSWare uploads approved invoices to QuickBooks where they are for payment to be release. AIMSware enabled bank integration by electronically submitting ACH, positive pay and payment information to your bank (based on your bank institution capabilities). AIMSware delivers payment information back to your vendors via the vendor portal.


Easily streamline the processing of bill and invoices. Easily accept electronic invoices documents, route and approve them before they are easily uploaded to QuickBooks. reduce the time your team spends processing invoices. leverage your vendors to upload invoices ( via a web portal or email) eliminating handling paper invoices. leverage reports for accruals of pending invoices, purchase order balances and audit trails. Customized workflows and approval routing based on our best practice engine or your business policy or process. Document management repository allows you to track vendor documents (invoices, W9. 1099, etc.)



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We offer simple pricing to fit your needs.

Small Business Plan - 200 Invoices $199.00 10 Ideal for Companies with less than 200 invoices per month. includes two level approval workflow and full integration to QuickBooks (Vendor, Purchase Orders, Bill Uploads). Unlimited Vendor accounts for submitting invoices
500 Invoices $399.00 25 400 invoices per month. Custom approval workflows and full integration to QuickBooks (Vendor, Purchase Orders, Bill Uploads). Unlimited Vendor accounts for submitting invoices
Custom Plans $ .80 Unlimited Call us for custom plans, workflows and user count

Although we developed our apps to be simple to use, customer support is here to help you setup vendors, walk you through the approval process or just to talk how great our tools are.

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What is an EDMS
EDMS (Electronic document management system) are systems used to store and manage documents. complex in nature, EDMS systems have traditionally been expensive to buy, implement and support. Many AP department are still receiving invoices by mail and routing papers to approvers. This is because there are often significant technical, financial and operational barriers preventing the adoption of such systems. AIMSware removed this barrier so that organizations can process AP digitally.