Key benefits

  • Visualise your business and gain new insights with easy to understand graphical charts.
  • Produce informative and stunning graphics for financial reports.

How it works with QuickBooks

To use Analytical Reports with your company simply click the Connect To QuickBooks button on the Analytical Reports home page. Analytical Reports does not modify your company data; it only reads it. You need to purchase an AnalyticalReports license to use the reports. The first three months are free - no credit card required. You may license multiple companies separately to be used with Analytical Reports.


Analytical reports visualises sales and expense data for all or selected items you sell or purchase. There are currently six categories of reports: Sales by Item, Sales by Account, Expenses, Sales versus Expenses, Sales Statistics by Item and Sales Statistics by Account. To select data there are several preset date ranges for calendar and fiscal periods as well as a custom date range. Data may be grouped by day, week, day of week, month, quarter and year. Comparative groupings allow you to compare months, quarters or days of week by each period in the selected range.


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Terms and Conditions
Privacy Policy

The first three months are on us! After the trial period, paid renewals are available for one year at a time.

Annual Renewal CDN 20$ N/A Renews a license for one year beyond the end of the current license.

We take all issues and requests seriously and want to hear from you. We do our best to get back to you within one business day.

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How do I start?
Create a logon in the Register/Logon page and add a company license using the QuickBooks Company ID which is found in the QuickBooks company settings. Only persons with a valid QuickBooks logon can authorise AnalyticalReports to be used with QuickBooks.
Are my passwords safe?
Analytical Reports never sees or saves your QuickBooks credentials and your Analytical Reports password is encrypted (salted and hashed) so no one can see it.
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