Sync accounts, transactions, customers, etc between QuickBooks & Your Apps


Easily & instantly sync QuickBooks with popular CRMs & platforms, ex: SalesForce, BrokerMint & more... We help you get the most out of the software you already use! If we don’t have your app connected, we’ll integrate it for you! We love this stuff!

Configuration So Easy Your Grandma Can Do It

We believe if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing well, and that means keeping it simple! We’ve designed the setup and integration with a selection of a few options, so the data will flow between QuickBooks Online and your other apps without any further work on your part.

Don’t Procrastinate-Get Started Now!

Apination requires no code, no programming skills, and no family members you’ll have to bug to help you implement it. You’ll be up and running in moments and free from the hassle of all those painful tasks.

Connected Apps

Apination apps require no coding, no programming skills, and no family members with computer sciences degrees to help you with integration. ;) In fact, we’ve designed our apps so even your grandma and her friends on Facebook can implement them in just a few minutes. Plus, we’re adding new apps continually. If you don’t see something you want, tell us!

Intelligently Designed Workflows

You deserve seamless, effective and easy to use apps. Apination offers intelligently designed workflows to eliminate the mind-numbing and repetitive tasks that consume your valuable time, like re-entry, import, export, copy, and pasting. That’s so 1990! Join us in the 21st century by automating the flows of invoices, sales receipts, bills, checks, expenses, customers, vendors, employees, and reports.

Configuration So Easy Your Grandma Can Do It
Don’t Procrastinate-Get Started Now!
Connected Apps
Intelligently Designed Workflows



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Plans range from FREE to $5 and up per workflow.

Basic $0 1 Lot's of pre-built workflows are included for FREE!
Premium $25 per month and up 1 Premium workflows start with $25 per month, Try it & use it as needed.

Help and Support are included with all our plans. We will help you get started, set up your workflows, troubleshoot and monitor your integrations, and teach you how to use Apination, and it's features.


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What if the app I need integrated is not listed on your site?
New Apps are added weekly, Send us a note on the app you'd like to add, and we'll gladly add it if possible.
I'd like the workflow you have to run differently than the way it's designed.
While our workflow templates work for most cases, some times you need it to do something different. Let us know and we'll gladly customize it for you!