Bison System

End to end reporting solution makes CEOs smarter through data visualization

Key benefits

  • The wait is over! Bison is the best at QuickBooks Desktop and now we unleashed these skill on QuickBooks Online. This is the complete QuickBooks Online Data Warehouse. Multiple companies, transaction-level detail, your own dashboards. No compromises!
  • Multi-Company Visibility - Bison gives you visibility to multiple QuickBooks Online Companies together. We pull all available data from each company. Get whatever reports you'd like. And we ALWAYS provide transaction level detail.
  • Proprietary Data Validation - Bison validates your data and lets you know when there are issues. You’ll know your data is historically accurate to the penny and that you can trust your reporting.

How it works with QuickBooks

Top QuickBooks companies rely on Bison to continue scaling. Bison is the 100% complete, end-to-end business intelligence and analytics environment for QuickBooks.


Add sophisticated business intelligence to your QuickBooks data. The Bison System offers a 100% complete, end-to-end business intelligence environment specifically designed for QuickBooks. Bison provides everything you need to implement analytics in your company quickly...not just a small piece of the solution. Bison Pro Services offers responsive, US-based support from business intelligence experts. Work smarter through data visualization.

Bison has recurring monthly pricing with no contract.

Single Company $100/month N/A Bison Data Sync from your QuickBooks Online Company to our Cloud Data Warehouse. Note: To access reporting, a Tableau Online user account is required.

Bison offers comprehensive support from seasoned analytics professionals in the United States. Call us and we're on the case!

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What is your Proprietary Data Validation?
Bison developed a Proprietary Data Validation process that intelligently ensures your data matches back to QuickBooks when it’s synced. If it doesn’t, we proactively work with you to get the issue resolved. We’ve been doing artificial intelligence (AI) since before the term became trendy. With Bison’s Proprietary Data Validation, you can rest assured you’re working with accurate data.
Can I use Bison with more than one Company?
Yes! Bison enables you to see your data across multiple companies in our unified Data Warehouse. And you can see transaction-level detail from any of the companies.
Can Bison incorporate additional, non-QuickBooks data?
Absolutely! We work with many other data-sets and we have numerous ways to get the data into your cloud data warehouse. We normally focus on companies that run on QuickBooks because we have the best sync in the business for QuickBooks. But when it comes to non-QuickBooks data-sets, most other firms either don’t allow it or they leave you on your own to incorporate it. Not Bison! We show your other data-sets along-side or merged with your QuickBooks data. It’s one of Bison's unique benefits!
What makes Bison so special compared to other tools?
Bison is “Services-enabled Software”. In the analytics world, wrangling the data together (accurately!) is just step 1. Then you need to get the data into a presentable format to make it useful. And you oftentimes need to merge the data with other data-sets. This is where Bison shines. You’re not left with a piece of software and a “good luck, you’re on your own now buddy” approach. Bison is with you every step of the way. You don’t get an endless project. We get you across the finish-line.