The Definitive Inventory Forecasting Solution for QuickBooks


ForecastRx intelligently projects future demand so you can purchase the right product, in the right quantity, at the right time.

Master Your Inventory

ForecastRx virtually eliminates the time consuming task of tallying up how much you should buy of each product to replenish your inventory. With ForecastRx you can reduce your time spent on purchasing down to less than 5 minutes a day. We make sure you purchase the right product, at the right time, in the right quantity.

Responds to Sales Trends

Products experiencing rapid growth or slow decline? ForecastRx responds to these trends and incorporates them in your reorder forecast to insure you maximize stock order performance without tying up capital in slow turning inventory.

Easily sync sales data with ForecastRx

Syncing your QuickBooks Online data with ForecastRx is as simple as clicking a button in your web browser. Integrating with desktop versions of QuickBooks requires use of the QuickBooks Web Connector, which is provided by Intuit for free. The Web Connector is a small program that is installed on the same computer as QuickBooks and acts as a data upload interface to web based software like ForecastRx.

Your data security is extremely important to us

ForecastRx takes you privacy and security very seriously. We only collect accounting data relevant to the level of sales of your items. We do not collect data about your company, employees, payroll or any other personal data. All data is transferred with industry-standard encryption. Please see our privacy policy for more information.

Master Your Inventory
Responds to Sales Trends



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What's not to love—no more manual reorder points, no more complicated spreadsheets, it's that easy!

Starter $99 / Month or $999 / Year 2 Up to 250 active SKUs
Advanced $199.99 / Month or $1,999 / Year 2 Up to 2,500 active SKUs
Professional $299.99 / Month or $2,999 / Year 3 Up to 5,000 active SKUs
Enterprise $399/mo or $3,999/ Year 5 Up to 10,000 SKUs
Custom Pricing Upon Request 10 For businesses with more than 10,000 active SKUs


Online support:


Does ForecastRx come with a free trial?
Yes! Try it 7 days for free, no credit card required. If you wish to continue using ForecastRx after the initial trial period, simply opt-in and an invoice will be emailed to your QuickBooks email on file.
Can ForecastRx also forecast items with Bill of Materials (BOMs)?
Yep, and it gives you forecasts based on both direct sales and total usage as part of your assemblies.
Will ForecastRx export to excel?
It sure will as well as allow for the importation of data too.
How much sales history do I need to start forecasting?
You need at least 4-months of sales history as an absolute minimum, but 12 months or more is optimal to take advantage of most of the algorithms. You can even copy sales order history from one product to another for items such as new product introductions.