Map My Customers

Field Sales Team Productivity Platform for Quickbooks Online Users

Key benefits

  • Effectively prioritize & manage accounts: get in front of the right the right time
  • Free up more time to sell: sales productivity tools designed for the field teams
  • Close more business: location-based lead generation and prospecting

How it works with QuickBooks

Sync your contacts from Quickbooks Online (including address info, contact info, etc.) into to Map My Customers. The integration works as a 2-way sync (pull new contacts from Quickbooks Online into Map My Customers and new contacts from Map My Customers into Quickbooks Online). The sync runs every 24 hours.


Map My Customers is the most powerful field sales automation platform on the market. It enables field teams to supercharge productivity, stay engaged and close more business. Field productivity tools include route optimization, email automation, location-based lead generation and automated reminders. Increase field team revenue by: Visiting more customers and spend less time in the car Touching all customers regularly Building relationships with the "right" accounts Identifying new prospects Having more time to sell

Team & Individual Plans

Individual Plan (Per month - billed annually) $4.99 1 75 pins, 10 pin colors, 25 groups and territories, routing + syncing with QuickBooks for automated pin populating.
Small Team Plan (Per month - billed annually) $34.99 1 3,000 pins, 20 pin colors, 250 groups and territories, email automation, business card scanning, smart routes + syncing with QuickBooks for automated pin populating.
Power Team Plan (Per user/month - billed annually) $49.99 1 Advanced dashboards, team messaging, pin + route + territory sharing, track team member locations, email automation, business card scanning, smart routes + syncing with QuickBooks for automated pin populating.

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How do I import my QuickBooks Online contacts?
Login to Map My Customers. -If you are on a web browser or Android device - click My Account and then Settings. Next, scroll down to the Other section and click Visit (next to CRM Integrations). -From an iOS device - click the Accounts icon & then click CRM Sync. Once on the integrations page - click button next to QuickBooks listing. You will be prompted to enter your Quickbooks credentials to begin sync.
What happens to contacts without addresses?
These will be automatically imported into your contacts page as normal un-mapped contacts. If you add a location later, then they will show up on your map.
Do you provide trials of Map My Customers?
Yes. We provide 14 day free trials for all editions of Map My Customers.