The all-in-one Forecasting & Reporting Engine


Know where you are, where you’re going and where you’ve been. Fed up of trying to run the future of your business in risk-prone spreadsheets that waste your time? We give you real confidence that the decisions you are making are accurate.

Have complete confidence in your business and gain some time back (it’s a win-win!)

View multiple businesses side by side on a Board. Data flows in automatically so you'll never update your actuals again. Share Boards with your team, we have controlled permission rights so you can use the data to make better, informed decisions. See where you are, where you've been and where you'r going. It’s multi-tasking: use CrunchBoards to build a complex 3-way cashflow forecast, prepare simple reports or both. This is the past, present and future - all in one place.


There's been great demand for CrunchBoards in our ecosystem and we are delighted (it’s been) selected as a Top 10 Finalist for Intuit’s Small Business App Showdown. Unfortunately, some of our current customers have experienced issues with the integration due to the level of flexibility CrunchBoards allows. We are working hard to resolve this issue as Intuit partners. We apologize for any frustration this causes you.

Have complete confidence in your business and gain some time back (it’s a win-win!)



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We offer Pay as You Go and Partner Plans for accountants and bookkeepers. Cancel at anytime, no credit card required for trial

Pay As You Go USD$49.99/month 9999 Pricing is per organisation per month
Bookkeeper USD$149/month 9999 5 organisations plus one free for you
Bronze USD$299/month 9999 20 organisations plus one free for you
Silver USD$525/month 9999 100 organisations plus one free for you
Gold USD$750/month 9999 500 organisations plus one free for you

Live Chat is available and Online support is available. Partner plans include 1-on-1 sessions and email + phone support.

Support: n/a
Online: http://help.crunchboards.com/frontpage/

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