Custom web app development platform with invoice automation template.

Description lets you configure QuickBooks enabled web applications into being. It is recommended that you request free assistance from We will work with you to meet your requirements. Pre-built templates available.

Services Billing App demo

AppBuilder.Cloud is a platform that lets you create custom web applications with our assistance. There is at least one ready made template(s) available such as the Services Billing App which covers time, contract and subscription billing with invoice automation and QuickBooks synchronization.

Services Billing App demo

Monthly rates plus professional services if required at $80 per hour.

Public $8 per month 50 shared servers
Exclusive $1000 per month plus 1000 Client has unique subdomain and is hosted on private servers.

Support is provided at, whereupon you will be requested to register your email address and nickname. After registering, you can open a new sales, support or feature request ticket. Response will be within 24 hours. Every response will be recorded in the support ticket and will also be sent by email. Web conferences can be scheduled up on request to The support contact URL is


Online support:


How do I create a custom web application?
The admin pages are used to create custom applications from the ground up. It is suggested that you contact us for assistance, however.
What pre-built templates are available now?
Right now the services billing app template is available. It covers subscription billing, contract billiing, time billing and ad-hoc billing and invoice automation
What other apps can I make?
The sky's the limit: CRM (Cutomer Relationship Management), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CM (Content Management), issue tracking, and much more.
Why use instead of an application designed specifically for my purpose?
Save money over hiring software developers for features not available on one size fits all software. You can get all the features you need and none that you don't need. All apps work in a similar fashion for end users, so they are easy to train on. All apps come with built in API and export capabilities.