Sync with Square

Auto import your Square sales related transactions into QuickBooks Online.

Key benefits

  • Automatically import your Square sales invoices, taxes, tips, and discounts.
  • Reconciling your books is easy. Your deposits, payments, refunds, and fees are matched against your bank statement.
  • Invoices are automatically created. All your sales-related and item details, as well as product categories are captured, so that this information can be easily viewed.

How it works with QuickBooks

We are excited to introduce Sync with Square, the new version of the Square QuickBooks Online Integration from Intuit. With this FREE app, your Square sales-related transactions are automatically imported into QuickBooks Online.


Square Sales are imported as Invoices and Payments into your book. You can import up to 18 months of past transactions.



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The Sync with Square app is free.

Sync with Square Free 1 Automatically imports Square sales-related transactions into QuickBooks Online.

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If you have questions regarding Sync with Square, please contact our team at the number below or visit our support page.


Online support:


What is the Sync with Square app for QuickBooks?
This app monitors your Square account for different transactions, such as sales, refunds, taxes, tips, and discounts. At the end of each day, every sale recorded in Square is automatically imported into QuickBooks Online as an invoice. Details of the invoice—such as the item and the quantity sold, applied discounts, shipping costs, and taxes paid—are also recorded. Any fees, such as bank deposit fees and transaction fees charged by Square, are also imported to accurately reflect your accounts.
How is the Sync with Square app different from bank downloads within QuickBooks Online?
Sync with Square will provide a detailed view into your business compared to the current bank downloads capability within QuickBooks online. Bank downloads does not account for Square fees, tips, refunds and more when compared to this integration. For Sync with Square integration to work, we require that you disable the Square connection from bank downloads. Please use the following link ( to disable now.
What are the current limitations?
For more detailed information please visit: This version of Sync with Square does not support the following: - Import of customer details, such as name or email addresses. - Multiple location capability: limited multi-location capability. - Summary view of daily transactions. This version imports each transaction for the day automatically one-by-one after settlement.
How is Sync with Square different from the Square QuickBooks Online integration app?
In the Square QuickBooks Online integration, only your Square sales transactions are imported into your QuickBooks account. But this new app provides a more comprehensive view into your business by looking at Square fees, tips, refunds, and more.