Customer credit analysis that reduces your risks and improves collection.


Identify business opportunities and risks, and improve your collection performance with real time alerts and periodic reports on your customers. Our analysis gives you a deeper understanding of your customers, so you can better interact with them.

CRiskCo Risk Report

Every two weeks you will get a personalized risk report. You will know which of your customers are credit worthy and which aren't. The report includes a collection performance analysis and Accounts Receivable summary.

CRiskCo FinScore

The CRiskCo FinScore for each customer shows you exactly how risky each customer is.

Analysis of all your customers. All the time. In one place.

Get real time alerts, risk predictions, FinScores, A/R analysis and collection KPIs for all your customers.

Revenue Stream Prediction

Revenue prediction for future months based on your customers past payment behavior.

CRiskCo Risk Report
CRiskCo FinScore
Analysis of all your customers. All the time. In one place.
Revenue Stream Prediction



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We currently offer a free 180 days Pro subscription for all new users.

Basic Free 1 Accounts Receivable analysis and revenue prediction, customer risk assessment
Pro $98/Month 1 Basic + real time alerts, periodic reports and potential customer credit lookup

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What do you do?
Our goal is to help credit suppliers smartly manage their customers' credit portfolios, reduce risk, and increase profitability by setting the right credit for the right customers.
What kind of credit are we talking about?
As a business you have two lines of credit - financial credit (form lenders / banks, credit cards, investors, etc) and operational credit given to customers and other businesses by means of products or services. CriskCo is focused on the latter.
Can I get an example of a credit supplier decision?
Let's say you own a hardware store that supplies construction products to renovators. Mr. X the renovator has a big project of 30 houses in the coming months, and he's at your store to ask for a credit line of $100,000 to get the products he needs to complete the job. In return, he will pay back his debts in 90 days. You have been working with Mr. X for the past 5 years on a smaller scale. How do you make the right decision whether or not to loan him the $100,000?
What's the difference between the free and paid plans?
The main difference is that our free plan offers you insights about a customer following an analysis of their transaction history with you. Paid plans offer you smarter insights based on transactions we collected from community members that do business with that customer.