Untangle your Subscription Business from Spaghetti Billing

Key benefits

  • With Chargebee & QuickBooks Online, all your billing, payments and accounting needs are managed seamlessly with one beautiful integration. Streamline your accounting and maintain sanity with accurate data sync across systems
  • Organize your daily financial data between the systems with the chart of accounts mapping. Match your gateway statements to the book of accounts, with Accounting Reconciliation
  • Map geo-specific editions of QuickBooks Online in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa and Singapore. Benefit from accurate and detailed Revenue recognition reports

How it works with QuickBooks

Chargebee integrates with QuickBooks Online so you can close books faster and accurately with automated financial operations, and streamline your Subscription Accounting. With this integration, you can: - Sync Invoices, Payments, Credit Notes, Refunds, Plans, Discounts, and Taxes - Generate financial reports in QuickBooks - Generate tax liability reports and file returns to specific tax authorities in QuickBooks Learn more:


Chargebee is a smart and comprehensive subscription billing solution. We help businesses automate subscription management and account receivables such as invoicing, payment processes, accounting, and taxes with one elegant API layer across various payment gateways and payment methods, from lead to ledger. Chargebee integrates with major payment gateways such as Braintree, Stripe, GoCardless, Authorize.Net, PayPal Payments Pro, PayPal Payflow Pro, Amazon Payments, Worldpay, eWay, across 53 countries.


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Rise $299/month 10 $299 which includes $50K/mo revenue and 0.6% of overage revenue. This plan includes integration with QuickBooks Online. Refer to Chargebee's pricing page to understand the features offered under each plan at
Scale $599/month 25 $599 which includes $75K/mo revenue and 0.9% of overage revenue. This plan includes integration with QuickBooks Online. Refer to Chargebee's pricing page to understand the features offered under each plan at
Enterprise Contact Us Unlimited Get the best of control, compliance and customizability that you’ll need to manage your billing operations across teams, with support for unlimited users. Work with dedicated experts, from migration to setup, and beyond.

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Is Chargebee a payment gateway?
No. It is a billing and invoicing system. You need a payment gateway account to use Chargebee and we can help you get one from one of our best-of-breed payment gateway partners worldwide.
I do not code and do not have a developer in-house. Can I still use Chargebee?
Absolutely! Chargebee is designed as a fully configurable product and you can get started without developer assistance. To fully leverage the platform’s flexibility though, it helps to have developer assistance. You can do that later as you scale the business. Let us first help you get off the ground.
Can I import my existing customer data to Chargebee?
Yes. We regularly assist customers make a seamless switchover. Better still, you can continue using your existing payment gateway account if it is on our supported gateways list, like Stripe, Braintree, Authorize.Net, etc.
I already have an account in QuickBooks, how do I connect?
You can either connect to an existing account in QuickBooks or create a new account. Chargebee will support both.