Apptivo Supplier Management

A payable that is created when a product is received from a Supplier.


Apptivo Supplier Management represent a payable that is created when a product is received from a Supplier. Now the app is ready with the significant features which are likely to be configured with the actual values of the attributes.

Accounting Rule

Accounting rule which has the option for enter the rules manually. The money can either be debited or be credited to any of the account. So if the entries which are made correctly with those rules then the account will be tallied without any concern. However remembering all those is not an easy part, so we need a system to make all these countable for the year-end analysis. We might have seen the ledger apps which loads all the transactions and journal entries.

Accounting Rule



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How do I record payment in supplier invoices?
Log in and access Supplier Invoices app from your universal navigation menu bar. Click on “Show All” from left navigation panel. Select Supplier invoice check box and click on “Pay Supplier Invoice” button. You can view Sup. Invoice Record Payment popup, in which provide: Payment Type Reference Amount Payment Date Notes Click on “Save” button to complete.