Sales Tax Extension for Vertex SMB

Sales and Use Tax Calculation and Returns


Generate sales and use tax returns and perform calculations. Save time, decrease risk, ensure compliance, outsource returns so you can focus on your business. Pricing is pay-as-you-go with no upfront fees - and there is no long-term contract.

Automate your sales tax. No more manual calculation.

Once you configure your settings with Vertex SMB the first time, it all automatically happens behind the scenes.

Up-to-date tax rates and product taxability

Vertex SMB applies the sales tax rate based on the given details in your invoice and validates shipping addresses (zip +4) to ensure the most accurate taxation by jurisdiction.

Your returns filing is done on time, every time.

Export data for your tax reports. Prepare and file returns by accessing signature-ready PDF returns that you just print, sign and file. If you prefer to outsource the returns, select our Premium offering and Vertex SMB will file and remit payment on your behalf.

Automate your sales tax. No more manual calculation.
Up-to-date tax rates and product taxability
Your returns filing is done on time, every time.


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In addition to our service offerings below, we offer stand-alone automated returns (starting at $20 per return) and a downloadable rate file.

Standard Starting at $10 USD per month 0 Offers a quick and simple integration where all products and services are taxed at the standard rate. Includes features like rate lookup, real-time tax calculation, and self-service reports.
Professional Starting at $100 USD per month 0 Sales tax calculation through returns generation, consumer use tax, tax rate lookup, batch processing, exemption certificate management, prepayment management, address cleansing, self-service support, and automated returns.
Premium Starting at $200 USD per month 0 Offers all of the features of our Professional service PLUS Vertex SMB handles the filing of returns and remittance of payment on your behalf.

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What is Automated Returns?
Automated Returns is an offering from Vertex SMB that is a sales tax return filing service. Vertex SMB automates the returns process, and even handles the filing and remittance of payment if you choose. Vertex SMB remits billions of dollars of sales and use tax each year from the millions of tax returns handled.
How does Vertex SMB calculate sales tax?
With Vertex SMB, you’re leveraging the same tax technology platform trusted by the world’s largest companies for sales and use tax compliance. Our parent company, Vertex Inc., is the leading provider of sales and use tax solutions for the enterprise space. Vertex Inc. uses a proprietary TaxGIS feature including a database of not only country, state, county, and city jurisdictions, but also district taxing authorities.