B2B Credit Management and Financing

Key benefits

  • Apruve manages your B2B credit program so you can stop acting like a bank and get back to selling. You can extend payment terms to your business buyer (Net 30, Net 60), but get paid the next day. No A/R to manage and no cash flow issues.
  • Extending payment terms increases order size, order frequency and customer lifetime value. Unfortunately, managing A/R and taking that cash flow risk can be painful for a small business. This is the problem Apruve is designed to solve.
  • Built directly into Quickbooks Online, you don't have to change your order management process with your customer and Apruve handles all invoicing (in your brand), payment processing and collections.

How it works with QuickBooks

Apruve's application takes 15 minutes to install. Once configured, suppliers can build orders as they normally would in Quickbooks. Once that order is marked as "Fulfilled", Apruve generates the invoice for the customer. In Quickbooks, that invoice is marked as "Paid", even though it is still open to the customer. Our suppliers are paid at 2am the next day and Apruve handles all collections and payment processing.


After you enter your buyer's order into QuickBooks, the buyer will have an option to receive an email to verify the order (think of this as a "Quote"). Once they verify, Apruve tells QuickBooks to go ahead and fulfill the order.You are paid within 24 hours and your buyers get a 30+ day payment term. They can pay their open invoices with ACH or paper checks.



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Monthly SaaS fee + % of invoice (tiered based on volume)

Small Business $99 + % of invoice (based on volume) 250 For smaller distributors managing fewer than 100 business accounts
Professional $299 + % of invoice (based on volume) 1000 For mid-size wholesalers/distributors servicing fewer than 1000 accounts
Enterprise $499 + % of invoice (based on volume) 5000 For large companies managing less than 5000 business accounts on their credit platform
Custom Custom SaaS fee + % of invoice (based on volume) 5001 For companies managing more than 5000 business accounts

Support is always available from support@apruve.com. All support requests will be handled within 24 hours 7 days a week. During working hours, support requests are answered within 1 hour.


Online support:


How do you underwrite my buyers?
We create an online credit application (in your brand) for buyers to receive their corporate account. Depending on the application and requested credit limit, turn around time is typically within 1 business day.
How am I paid?
Our banks make a nightly batch deposit (2am CST) into your account for all invoices that were created that day. A full breakdown of all invoices funded and associated fees is shown on your Apruve dashboard.
What happens if the customer doesn't pay?
This is our responsibility, not yours. After 90 days, we will notify you that we plan to turn your customer's credit limit to zero. This does not preclude you from doing business with them in the future, it simply means we can no longer underwrite their account.
How do buyers pay their open invoices?
Via ACH (bank transfer) online or via paper checks. All checks are sent directly to the bank for processing, not to you.