Armatic - AR Automation & Revenue Lifecycle Manage...

Automation, insights and best practices to drive business-critical efficiencies

Key benefits

  • Complete AR automation - No more poring over aging reports
    Armatic's robust rules engine dynamically assigns and delivers Email, SMS, Letters, Staff Notifications and Call Reminders. Reducing payment time by 40-60%
  • Enhance Quickbooks Billing & Payment Capabilities
    Subscription/Recurring Billing, Progress Billing, Automatic Payments, Payment Plans, Late Fees, Coupons, Interactive Customer Portals, Pass-through Processing Fees and much more.
  • Streamlined Workflows and Company Wide Insights
    Capture payments and auto start billing at contract with integrated eSign. See results/forecasts with MRR, AR & user reporting. Leverage data with email tracking & AI health scoring

How it works with QuickBooks

Two Way Real-time Sync with Quickbooks
Armatic was built with interoperability at it's core vs. an afterthought. Customers, Invoices, Payments, Items and Tax Rates are synchronized automatically between systems in real-time, for a completely seamless experience.

Invoices created in Armatic via Subscriptions, Progress Billing, Late Fees, etc. are pushed into Quickbooks automatically. Payments made through the customer portals, online billing, payment plans or automatic payments, are recorded and reconciled automatically in Quickbooks.


Armatic combines the power of QBO with integrated communications, workflow automation and powerful insights

  • Boost Cash Flow - Powerful billing tools and the most advanced AR management/collections system available have an immediate impact on DSO
  • Reduce Resources - Dynamic rule based workflows streamline processes & empower users to do more
  • Drive Revenue - Close more business with integrated proposals, electronic signatures and auto capture/start billing
  • Unlock Data Insights - Analyze performance and increase visibility with communication tracking and growth, collections & churn reports

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Compare our plans here

Armatic "Standard" Software Package $25/user/mo 1 Built to provide smaller teams and startups every tool they need to maintain optimal cash flow levels.
Armatic "Plus" Software Package $45/user/mo 5 Everything a growing company needs to get paid faster. All features in the Standard Package plus, Customer Portals, automatic account statements, and included SMS/VOIP.
Armatic "Pro" Software Package $65/user/mo 10 Designed to provide insights and automation for larger companies. Includes all the features from the Plus plan, with higher customer record and payment processing limits, as well as custom phone numbers, custom statements and invoice templates.
Armatic Billing Module +$15/user/mo 1 The Billing Module adds powerful invoicing and payment functionality to the core AR platform. Manage subscription billing with two way invoice sync. Create automatic payment processing rules. Create payment plans and all with robust reporting
Armatic Sales Q2C (Quote-to-Cash) +$15/user/mo 1 The Armatic Sales Module is a quote to cash engine that provides every aspect from quote to cash payments including proposal templates, eSign and workflow automation.

We pride ourselves on our customer service

Armatic provides Live chat support from our website as well in from within our application. Phone and email support are available as well as onboarding assistance and new user training. Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.

+1 (949) 427-1421
Online support:


Can I approve messages before they are sent to my customers?
Yes, Armatic's rules engine is highly customizable. You can create unlimited "playbooks" (Cadences) that can be assigned at the customer or invoice level, allowing you to create rules to manage any billing scenario. Each step in the cadence can be tailored to match the voice, appearance, timing and preferred communication channel of your company, including various options to pay online. From there any step can then be delivered automatically or require an approval to be to be sent.
What’s the difference between a recurring invoice in QBO and a subscription in Armatic?
The primary differences are:
  • Armatic Subscriptions can be setup to be paid automatically
  • Armatic subscriptions have an auto advancing service period
  • Armatic subscriptions can contain "one-time" items, which drop off after the first invoice
  • Subscriptions are integrated with our MRR reporting module to track growth, churn and expansions by any data field
  • How are emails delivered?
    Emails are sent from the email accounts you already use. Armatic connects with G-Suite (Google Apps), Microsoft Exchange or a custom SMTP server to deliver messages on our customer's behalf. This provides both seamless communication as well as full email tracking/logging capabilities well.
    How are payments processed in Armatic?
    Armatic is not a payment processor. We work with Quickbooks Payments, Stripe, and others to process payments. The Armatic platform provides various online payment interfaces, customer portals and automatic payment options to facilitate payments. Additionally, Armatic utilizes a process called "tokenization" to enable recurring payments without accessing or storing any sensitive payment information. Our current payment partners