Arthur Online

Property management software

Key benefits

  • Professionalise your business by offering your team, tenants, property owners and contractors access to vital information through software. Arthur Online is a connected solution that brings all your stakeholders on one system to ease the burden.
  • Decrease the amount of time spent on repetitive tasks by using Arthur Online's powerful automation engine, customised to your business processes, to complete them for you. Easily convey information to users to stop your telephone ringing
  • Bring all your data relating to your property management business into one place. Rather than storing bits of information across disparate locations, pull everything together to make life easier for both you and your team

How it works with QuickBooks

When Arthur and QuickBooks are connected, users have a powerful two-way integration that streamlines the financial and reporting needs of any property management business. When the two systems are linked, Arthur becomes your “invoice generator” and posts into QuickBooks, you will then use QuickBooks’s live bank feed to manage your reconciliation. Arthur will also post information regarding rents, disbursements, commissions, etc, and keep your QuickBooks up to date with your latest tenancy position


Arthur Online is a property management software built by people in the business who understand the needs of landlords and property managers; Arthur’s cloud-based software works on any PC and mobile device Please note that in order to integrate with Arthur Online you will need to hold a European version of Quickbooks Online Plus. Contact us for more information.



Terms and Conditions
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Arthur Online charges on a per unit basis, where a unit is the entity that is being rented - be it a room, house, flat etc. Only pay for what you’re managing, not how many people are needed to manage

Standard £0.75 per unit per month Unlimited Starting at £15 p/m Arthur Online's Standard package offers excellent functionality for landlords and property managers. Make use of Arthur Online's core functionality to streamline your business whilst keeping costs to a minimum
Professional £1.00 per unit per month Unlimited Starting at £40 p/m Arthur Online's Professional package builds on the systems core functionality to offer more time saving features, allowing managers to focus on growing their portfolio
Enterprise £1.25 per unit per month Unlimited Starting at £75 p/m Arthur Online's Enterprise package offers users access to the complete selection of functionality available on the system. Users also benefit from additional support and training from the team

Arthur Online prides itself on having the best customer service team in our sector. We offer a live chat, email support, telephone support, one-on-one screen share's and remote access support. We don't want to be a faceless software provider, we want to be here to support you as you future-proof your property business

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Do you offer a free trial?
Yes! We offer a free 30 day free trial of our Standard package. During the trial you’ll get access to all features for that package, as well as help from our amazing customer service team. After the trial, you’ll be invited to select your desired package.
Can I connect more than one QuickBooks account to Arthur Online?
Yes! We understand that property financials can be very complex, with users often having several different businesses that require separate business accounts. Therefore, much like QuickBooks, Arthur Online offers a Global Dashboard which allows you to manage all your companies from one easy screen. Please note that in order to integrate with Arthur Online you will need to hold a European version of QuickBooks Online Plus. Contact us for more information.
What QuickBooks data is synced with this app?
The integration between Arthur Online and QuickBooks is like a conversation. Contacts and property information is passed between the two systems to ensure a seamless solution to your property management needs
Why should I use this app when QuickBooks already offers a recurring invoice feature?
Whilst QuickBooks already offers users the ability to generate recurring invoices for the better handling of rent, Arthur Online offers so much more. By integrating to two systems together, you are creating a complete property management and accounting solution. Use Arthur Online's powerful automation and functionality to streamline the daily running of your business and use QuickBooks's market leading accounting package to streamline your business financials