Axle provides new age operational software for trucking companies in the U.S.

Key benefits

  • Axle allows its users to keep track of the invoices they send to the customers they do trucking for.
  • Axle allows dispatchers to keep track of their loads and their trucks on the road.
  • Axle allows users to automate their communications between their drivers and management.

How it works with QuickBooks

Axle's system allows the trucking company to send their invoice information and the payment, applied to the invoice, to QuickBooks.


Axle is a forward thinking trucking technology company that provides carriers with an easy-to-use, operational software that helps them handle things from dispatching and tracking, to invoicing and doc scanning.

Our pricing plan consists of an annual charge for each user on the system.

1 Year Term $330.00 1 For each truck for 1 year, the Axle system will cost $330. This is a fee paid at the beginning of the service term.

Our customer service team can be reached by email or directly over phone or text message to answer any questions about the system.

(973) 637-0868
Online support:


Does your company provide training to use the system?
Yes, we provide carriers with off site via web conference at no additional cost.