HammerZen HDPro for Home Depot Pro

Import Home Depot Receipts into QuickBooks Online

Key benefits

  • HammerZen automated tool links materials listed on the receipt to automate job costing, helps you analyze job profitability to better manage your projects and grow your business.
  • Who is HammerZen for? For members of The Home Depot Pro Loyalty Program and are using QuickBooks Online. HammerZen automate the data entry process and eliminates any errors caused by manual data entry.
  • Link with the smart software to record each item on receipt making routine data entry easy, saving time and money. Use import Home Depot expenses into QuickBooks to pull off accurate actual vs estimates and be more competitive without having to hire

How it works with QuickBooks

Automate your Home Depot items purchased into your QuickBooks Online company with ease.


Use Easy Mapping to automate the process of importing credit card expenses by job, and class and know exactly which store your made the purchase at. Automate your import process of tracking material billable to job. Use unbilled Costs by Job to remind you to invoice your customers and be profitable.

Free Trial

Free Trial 0 1 HammerZen will let you import materials by job, sku, items, quantity, cost and mark them billable and class.
Silver Starts at $20 1 HammerZen will let you import materials by job, items, class, and make the jobs billable. Starting 0-300 transactions.
Gold Starts at $40 1 HammerZen will let you import materials by job, sku, items, quantity, cost and make the job billable and class. Starting 0-300 transactions.
Platinum Starts at $45 1 Includes Silver and Gold Plans.
For more materials and users C 800-838-4936 N/A More items and users? Please call 800-838-4936 for pricing.

If you need additional details, please email us at support@hammerzen.com or call us 267-866-7936. Free unlimited support available Monday-Friday 9 am-5 pm.


Online support:


How to connect my QuickBooks Online file?
Once you're signed in to HammerZen's website, click on Account Settings > QuickBooks menu (provided on right top). Click on Connect QuickBooks button. From there, enter your Intuit credentials, select the company, and authorize our app to access your data.
How to import HomeDepot expenses to QuickBooks Online file?
Sign in to HammerZen account, (make sure you have configured QuickBooks Online file), select the spreadsheet file (downloaded from HomeDepot website), and follow the instructions to map/create accounts, items and so on. Finally, create a Bill/Check/Credit Card transaction in your QuickBooks Online file.