Banner Analytics Data Sync

Banner Analytics: providing real time analytics to help your business grow!

Key benefits

  • Select the QuickBooks Online data you want to push to either our secure MySQL data warehouse hosted on the AWS cloud or to your own MySQL database. Connect your BI tools to standard tables and reports or ask for your own custom data views.
  • Enjoy access to a constantly expanding library of Tableau dashboard templates (beta) to gain greater insights into your data. Discover new insights by seeing your data presented in powerful visualizations or ask for your own custom dashboards.
  • Want to integrate additional data sources into your QuickBooks Online directly or into your data warehouse? We have years of experience helping clients create the perfect data environment from inventory systems, CRMs, merchant processing, etc.

How it works with QuickBooks

Our application connects to your QuickBooks Online company and extracts the specified data using the QuickBooks API on a regular schedule. It then makes that information available to you through a MySQL database connection or through Tableau dashboards. Our team can customize the application, based on your requirements, for the perfect solution to your data needs.


You need to make better use of your business data, but your budget is limited and your current team doesn’t have the bandwidth to take on business intelligence initiatives. How fast could your business grow if your whole team could clearly see and understand their business data in real time? What if you could just flip the switch and have your team start making more data-driven decisions? Our mission is to combine cutting-edge analytics tools and real human insights to leverage one of your most valuable business assets: data. We know how to turn your data into insights that lead to results and are excited to help you!

14 day free trial, plans start at $100/month

Data Warehouse for QuickBooks Online Data $100 1 Syncs your data to a data warehouse on a regular schedule. For a limited time, also enjoy access at this price to Tableau dashboard templates (beta).
Customized Tableau Dashboards $250 1 Customize your KPIs, dashboards, and views of your QuickBooks Online data. Customizations may require an additional one-time charge, depending on the scope of your project. Additional Tableau licenses are also available for an additional charge.
Customized Data Sources $500 1 Integrate additional data sources into your QuickBooks Online data warehouse and dashboards. An additional one-time charge is based on the scope of your project.

Contact us via email or phone

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How do I sign in to your application?
You can create your own Banner Analytics account, or continue using QuickBooks Online account. If you want to create a new Banner Analytics account, please click the "Create Account" button and fill the provided form. If you want to continue using your QuickBooks Online account just click "Sign in with Intuit" and proceed with QuickBooks authentication.
How do I start the synchronization?
Click on your synchronization profile, click on QuickBooks Connect button and grant the required permissions. The synchronization will be started automatically and you will receive an email when the first synchronization is complete.
How do I view the Tableau dashboard templates?
The Tableau page is enabled after your profile is authenticated in the QuickBooks Online system. Your dashboards are available after the first synchronization is complete (usually less than 10 minutes).