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Pay bills directly inside QuickBooks, or get more robust features with

Key benefits

  • Pay vendors and contractors with a click. Pay one bill at a time, or several at once. Enter your payment amount, choose your process date, and click submit-that's it.
  • Get more control and insight. Track payments from sent to received for total peace of mind. Paying by check? You'll get visual proof once it's been deposited.
  • Save time on data entry. Bills and invoices sync automatically with QuickBooks Online, eliminating double data entry and speeding up account reconciliation.

How it works with QuickBooks is a business payments system that digitizes your bill payment process. Pay electronically with full remittance information, store documents, and route bills for approval. Payments automatically sync with QuickBooks.

Note that Bill Pay is not available with QuickBooks Online Accountant (QBOA). To use Bill Pay for a client, you’ll need to open it from their QuickBooks Online account.


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Bill Pay for QuickBooks Online offers one-click pay for a low monthly cost.

Bill Pay for QuickBooks Online No Monthly Fee Unlimited Pay bills inside of QBO. $0.99 per ACH transaction; $1.99 per check. Complete $39/user/month 1 Pay bills, get approval workflows, and more with a robust bill pay solution that syncs your information directly with QBO. $0.49 per ACH transaction; $1.49 per check.

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What is Bill Pay for QuickBooks Online?
Bill Pay for QuickBooks Online is a bill payment tool that is powered by It enables one-click vendor ACH payments within QuickBooks Online. This makes paying your bills easier than ever.
What is Complete? Complete is for users that want more from their bill payment tool. It has all of the features included in Bill Pay for QuickBooks Online, and adds approval workflow, document storage, and messaging capabilities with your vendors. It is a standalone product that integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks Online, so there is not double data entry.
Who is is the leading digital business payments company creating magically simple A/P and A/R solutions. Since 2006, has helped over 2.5 million businesses pay or get paid faster and more efficiently.

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