BluSynergy Recurring Billing

Advanced Recurring Billing, Customer Self-Service Portals and Saleforce CRM

Key benefits

  • Transactions are synchronized between BluSynergy’s billing system and your QuickBooks accounting system.

How it works with QuickBooks

Automate your subscription billing and recurring payments. BluSynergy turbo-charges your QuickBooks with enterprise class features designed for SaaS/Cloud companies, service based enterprises, and membership based organizations.


Automate messy recurring billing with our easy and secure platform. Our cloud-based system empowers you with finance friendly solutions for sophisticated subscription billing and customer self-service.



Terms and Conditions
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$0.45/customer/mo, 30 day free trial. $100 min. Each Add-on Options is $0.25/cust/mo.

Recurring Billing $0.45/customer/mo 100 Automates recurring billing for QuickBooks. Core product is required with any add-ons which are all optional
AddOn - Customer Self-Service Portal $0.25/customer/mo 100 Allows your customers to view and pay bills on YOUR WEBSITE
AddOn - Salesforce CRM Integration 0.25/customer/month 100 Take payments and create invoices inside Salesforce CRM. View full invoice and payment history including current balance.
AddOn - Avalara Sales Tax 0.25/customer/month 100 Automated Sales Tax calculation based on customer's billing address
AddOn - Commissions 0.25/customer/month 100 Manage recurring commissions for sales-people and affiliates selling subscription services. Eg. 20% on Year 1 revenues, 10% on Year 2 revenues

Standard support is via email during business hours (Central Timezone). Enterprise support via phone.


Online support:


Why do I need QuickBooks if I’m using BluSynergy?
BluSynergy is an advanced Billing and Payments engine that handles typical A/R (account receivables) functions for recurring revenue companies such as Cloud/SaaS businesses, Service companies, ISPs, data centers, and membership organizations. We do not handle the A/P functions (vendor payments), payroll, balance sheet, etc. BluSynergy serves as the billing engine and QuickBooks as the Accounting system with seamless integration.
What is your typical client profile?
BluSynergy clients range from those who have a few hundred customers to those that exceed 10,000 customers (our largest client has 70,000 customers spread across 9 countries). Typically, B2B clients will have smaller customer numbers but more complex billing requirements (pro-rating, metered billing, overages, hundreds of offerings, CRM and ERP integrations) whereas B2C clients may have complexities around declined payments, self-signup/service, promotions, referrals and affiliate commissions
There is a lot of features/capability, will you provide training/customization/migration?
Yes, our customer service can get you set up quickly and guide you on the best configuration options for your specific business practices. Customization and migration is available for enterprise clients, please contact us at
How is Usage or Consumption Based Billing handled?
Metered billing (aka Usage-based billing) requires you to upload variable usage data (via API or spreadsheet upload or manual entry). For example, a data center that bills for consumption of network bandwidth and data storage would transmit data containing the customer ID, product code, and units consumed. The BluSynergy billing engine calculates the right price for the customer taking their pricing plan into account (included free units, tiered pricing, overage pricing, etc.)