Paperless employee onboarding into Intuit Payroll

Key benefits

  • Capture staff details securely, one time, then automate their onboarding into QuickBooks Payroll.
  • Dept. of Homeland Security I-9, IRS W-4 and other forms digitally signed and securely stored.
  • Never ask employees to email or hand write personal info again when you use to capture it.

How it works with QuickBooks

Throw away your start paperwork forms and invite employees to fill out their start paperwork online or on their phone.

Simply add your employee's personal email address in and we take care of the rest. Securely capturing all the information needed to start their new job.

That data is then securely passed into QuickBooks Online and you now have your employee ready for payroll.

Zapier Connectivity allows for posting QuickBooks Transfers and Attachments from Zapier Zaps through


We know what a pain it is to set up a new staff member! Using our system you will accurately capture all onboarding information from your new team member through secure web forms.

Then we make it easy for the staff member to fill out their mandatory federal, state and local paperwork and digitally sign each document online or on their phone.These documents are then safely stored for you to access anytime.

Next we push the employee information to QuickBooks Online Payroll so all you need to do is set their pay rate, the deductions, and their SSN and you are ready to pay them.

Free for onboarding

Unlimited $0 Unlimited Free for onboarding employees

Email and Chat support is at

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Do you have state onboaring forms
Currently we only support onboarding forms for New York State