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Key benefits

  • Spend less time reconciling your data: Brex automatically cleans your transaction data and provides more intuitive categories powered by machine learning before it syncs with QuickBooks, including the actual vendor name where you used your card.
  • Forget about those lost hours documenting receipts: When you make a transaction, just reply to our automated text message with a photo of the receipt to upload it. For online transactions, just forward us the email receipts and we handle the rest.
  • The best vendor categorization that matches to your QuickBooks chart of accounts: Brex has new categories of online merchants, so SaaS is expensed and electronics are capitalized without month-end reconciliation.

How it works with QuickBooks

Brex seamlessly pushes all your credit card transaction data — exporting transactions, collections, and rewards redemptions — to your QuickBooks general ledger. Each transaction posts as a journal entry with the relevant balance sheet liability and income statement expense account. By creating this clean journal entry with our unique vendor aggregation, you get an integrated view of accounts payable across checks, wire, ACH, and card transactions within QuickBooks.


Go to the Brex dashboard and select “settings” on the left-hand side. Choose “Integrations” and hit “Connect” to log in, and then configure your integration once you are redirected back. Select the accounts you would like to sync to and category mappings, and then hit sync!


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QuickBooks Online customers get waived card fees (no monthly user fee). Standard pricing is $5 per user per month for every user after the first five.

Free via QuickBooks Online 0.0 N/A Waived Card Fees for QuickBooks Online Customers. Just use the "QuickBooks" promo code when signing up.

Brex is simple and intuitive to use but also offers live support for syncing transactions and guiding users as they learn about Brex integrations. Brex support is available via phone, chat, and email and generally handles queries within 1 hour during business hours (M-F 6am - 10pm, Saturdays and Sundays: 8am - 10pm). Brex also offers 24 hour fraud support monitoring.

+1 (833) 228-2044
Online support:


Where can I use my Brex Card?
Brex cardholders can use their cards at any of the millions of merchants across 200 countries where MasterCard and Visa are accepted.
Why should I use Brex?
Brex is a modern product built for modern companies. Just like your business, Brex is constantly growing and evolving to fit your needs. We bring you the newest and best features considerably faster than your standard corporate card. We are obsessed with providing the best experience — and that means learning as much as we can from our customers to refine our technology and build the smartest card in your wallet.
Why are people switching to Brex?
We make your life easier so you can focus on what you do best. Brex offers a fast, simple online application process rather than drawn-out paper-based processes offered by other cards that can take weeks. Brex also grows with you, offering higher limits with an integrated software suite that makes expense management, accounting, and budgeting simple.