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Finally! Automated posting of your PDF Bills, Invoices and Purchase Orders, and more to QuickBooks instantly. Simply email your PDF Invoices,Bills or POs to our automated conversion engine and it posts to your QuickBooks. Yes, its that simple.

ChimpKey PDF to QuickBooks

Try the app that has already saved thousands of hours of hand-keying in all types of companies.

ChimpKey PDF to QuickBooks



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Pricing is based on setup of PDF template + usage

Standard with no customization $99USD setup+$50USD/month for up to 125 invoices posted 25 Standard setup of Invoice or Bill
Customized Posting with business rules Contact us with details of business rules you wish to employ 25 Customized posting of Invoices or Bills or other documents with business rules.

Contact us if you have any questions or want to discuss your particular needs.


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Can I use this to automate my incoming PDF Invoices,Purchase Orders, Bills etc? I would like to go "EDI"
Absolutely, this is a wonderful solution to finally automating your incoming documents. Traditional EDI is a very expensive and involved process that can take months or years to implement with a lot of changes. ChimpKey will allow you to "go EDI" within days with nothing to install. E-invoicing is very popular these days so this works very smoothly with QuickBooks..
Is this really 100% automated? How does your system "know" how to read a document intelligently? Is it secure?
Yes, this service is 100% automated and secure. Each document we process needs a "template" which we create for you that knows how to read the document. Once the template is ready, you can immediately start using it to convert individual or batch PDFs 24-7-365. Templates can also add/modify and change data as its read. Just ask us. Yes, its that easy
Do I need to co-ordinate with my Vendors & Customers to get this working?
No, as long as they are sending you PDFs that are not scanned then we can do the rest, and you benefit by bypassing the data entry. If they are sending you scanned documents or faxes today, then simply ask them to use one of the many free PDF print drivers available on the web to create & email the PDF, its one less step for them too.
I'm not a big company with an IT department. Am I going to have to hire an IT person to do this?
Our clients range from very small companies to large international organizations. If you truly want to eliminate your data entry, give us a try. Its simple enough for anyone to use, we truly mean that.