manage inventory by location, serial/lot, currency, units of measure.


Manufacturing inventory, order management and production scheduling, using Manufacturing Requirements Planning (MRP), with multi-location inventory, serial/lot tracking. multilevel Bills of Material, shortage reports, currencies, units of measure.

Cloud based Manufacturing Inventory, Order and Schedule Management

Use from any internet connected device (PC, smartphone, tablet) No software to install. Backed up automatically.

Multi-location tracking

Tracks inventory by location (such as STORES , WIP, Warehouse2 etc

Serial/Lot Tracking

Track your products by serial/lot to the customer site...for warranty, recall purposes.

MRP using Multi-Level BOMs

Manufacturing Requirements Planning :: computes raw materials shortage quantities needed to fullfill all open Sales Orders (or a Forecast) and schedules Purchase Orders based on purchasing , manufacturing lead times and multi-level Bill of Materials (BOMs)

Cloud based Manufacturing Inventory, Order and Schedule Management
Multi-location tracking
Serial/Lot Tracking
MRP using Multi-Level BOMs

Users subscription starts at $25/month/user, with full support. No contract required : Upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at anytime.

1 User $25/month 1 extend QuickBooks Online for manufacturing : multi-location inventory, serial/lot, multi-level BOM, assembly build shortage report. Full MRP runs for multiple orders can be purchased separately. Free support for 30 days.
2 user $25/month 2 two users
5 users $55/month 5 five users
10 Users $95/month 10 ten users

Unlimited email support within 1 hour of request (7am to 7pm EST)....1 hour telephone support /month, within 1 day of request.


Online support:


60 day full refund
You can cancel at anytime, and you will not be subsequently billed. If you cancel within 60 days of purchase, we will give you a full refund.
Can I backup the data to my PC?
The system backs up your data automatically...but, you can download the data at anytime to your PC (xml file format).
Additional Training
In addition to the self-service tutorials on our website, and fast response email answers to your questions, you can request a telephone callback (1 business day response time).