Data Shared through Third-Party Connections to QuickBooks

When you use third-party apps, services, or integrations in connection with Intuit services, Intuit may share certain information about your QuickBooks account (including any updates made after you connect) with third-party apps and developers, in order to provide more meaningful, relevant, and useful experiences. For example, when you update a description or invoice, a third-party developer may get information about those activities.

Below is more information about the types of data we may share. Please review Intuit's Global Privacy Statement for more details about how Intuit collects, uses, and shares information, as well as your rights and choices. If any details in the Global Privacy Statement conflict with those below, the Global Privacy Statement takes priority. Your relationship with any third-party apps, websites, or integrated services is still subject to those third parties' terms and policies.

What types of data may be shared with third-party apps and developers

Depending on the app, the information we share may include but is not limited to the types of data below.

How you can manage your information

You're in the driver's seat when it comes to your data. This information is shared so the products can work more meaningfully for you, but if you ever change your mind or have concerns about how your data is shared, you can disconnect the app through the My Apps page in QuickBooks at any time.

Only the Master Admin and Company Admin level users for a QuickBooks account can connect and manage apps.

For more details about Intuit's information practices and the rights and choices you have, see Intuit's Global Privacy Statement.