Constant Contact

Keep in touch with your clients by syncing QuickBooks and Constant Contact


Constant Contact is your source for fast, easy, and affordable email. This app will let you automatically syncs all of your customers – keeping your Constant Contact list ready for your next email, event, survey or donation campaign!

Import QuickBooks customers to Constant Contact

Constant Contact for QuickBooks Online, initially, auto imports all of your customers into a selected Constant Contact list.

Keep your lists up-to-date in Constant Contact

After the initial auto import of customers, Constant Contact for Quickbooks seamlessly updates your selected contact list with each QuickBooks customer that is added.

Send targeted marketing messages that resonate

With a reliable and up-to-date QuickBooks customer list in your Constant Contact account, you'll be able to confidently segment your marketing to customers/donors versus your prospects.

What is Constant Contact?

Constant Contact's all-in-one marketing platform comes from a company that's committed to making you successful with easy-to-use tools, free, award-winning coaching, and online and local education. With Constant Contact, email is just the start. Send emails, promote and manage events, get feedback, and run offers and promotions that reach your audience everywhere they are - all from a single login.

Constant Contact for QuickBooks Sync. Download and try it with an active Constant Contact account.

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Import QuickBooks customers to Constant Contact

Constant Contact is your source for fast, easy, and affordable email and online marketing to reach your goals. Synced with QuickBooks Online, it’s easy and free to segment your customer lists and make sure the right message gets delivered.

Constant Contact Email Marketing See for pricing on Constant Contact Email Marketing 1 Constant Contact for QuickBooks Online sync lets you sync your QBO contacts to your Constant Contact account. You must have a trial or paid Constant Contact account.

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How does it work?
This app automatically syncs information for your customers/donors in QuickBooks Online to Constant Contact. Upon first installation, you can choose to do an initial sync of your active QuickBooks Online customers to a list that you choose within Constant Contact. Then, on an ongoing basis as new customers/donors are added to QuickBooks Online or as information about existing customers/donors is updated, Constant Contact will automatically be updated with the latest contact information.
What are the benefits of using it?
It ensures that all of your customers are in Constant Contact so that they get your marketing emails. It also allows you in Constant Contact to differentiate between customers and prospects so that you can tune your message for each audience.
How soon can I expect my QuickBooks Online customers/donors to appear in my Constant Contact account?
It depends how many contacts you have. The first sync can take up to an hour for each 500 contacts in your system. After that initial sync, updates and new contacts added in QuickBooks Online should appear within 30 minutes.
Is this app free?
This app that syncs your data is free, however Constant Contact is a paid subscription. Pricing information available at