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Understand the Vital Signs of your business. Forecasts, trends, benchmarks and goals let owners and consultants visualize, manage and share the story that explains accounting numbers. Put your business in perspective!

Leading Indicators

View long-term and short-term trends to get a clearer picture of where your business is headed!

LOB Gross Margin

Find out which line of business (LOB) is generating profits and which is putting a drag on the company. Each LOB is a business within the business; each has revenue, cost of goods sold (COGS), and an allocation of overheads based on percent of revenue. Each LOB has a bottom line. Until you know which LOB needs correction, you risk fixing things that aren't broken.

Staff Contributions

See how much revenue is being generated by full time equivalent employee (FTE). Or see expense per FTE or total pay and benefits, and much more. But more important is where is each of these measures are trending. If, for example, expense per FTE is trending up faster than revenue is increasing, it will become clear that you may have a problem.

Find the Answers you Need

Choose from a broad range of standard analytics. The work is done. All you need to do is look. And you can invite your accountant or advisor to help you review and set priorities and give them access to your dashboard. There are many ways to use this data to get your whole team on the same page.

Leading Indicators
LOB Gross Margin
Staff Contributions
Find the Answers you Need



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Why Corelytics?
This dashboard gives you and your team PREDICTIVE BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE specific to your business. Your engine light might be on but you won't know if it isn't visible! With Corelytics you can spot problems before they threaten your business, adjust your course and then track progress. It is all about building precision and team accountability.
What makes Corelytics the best choice?
Corelytics is the only financial dashboard that uses predictive analytics tied to industry intelligence and goal tracking. There are lots of ways to get great graphs. There is one way to get complex analysis under the hood and easy to understand results on the dashboard for the business leader. That's Corelytics.
What kind of expertise is required?
Corelytics is designed for entrepreneurs and business managers that are not MBAs, CFOs or math wizards. It's for business leaders that need to understand their business performance but don't have the time to do the analysis. You focus on decisions and not on the math.