DataDear Excel add-in for reporting & data sync

Smart 2-way feed between Excel & QuickBooks so you can do better accounting!

Key benefits

  • Create easier reports with QuickBooks data in Excel - DataDear creates a live 2-way feed between your data in QuickBooks Online and Excel allowing you to produce customised reports which you can easily refresh with live data when required.
  • Automate uploading of data directly from Excel - Still doing lots of work within Excel? Calculating your prepayments & accruals? Calculating journals? Smart upload can save you huge amount of time by pushing this information directly into QuickBooks.
  • Bulk editing of data directly from Excel - making the most of both above features, you can pull down all data held within QuickBooks, review, amend and delete as you need, then post these changes directly back, all within the one Excel workbook.

How it works with QuickBooks

The DataDear 2 way integration for Excel and QuickBooks is hassle-free and easy to set up, you’ll have immediate access to all of the available data tables and reports directly within Excel. DataDear needs to be installed as an add-in in Excel. This also provides access to all of our templates for bulk uploading such as journal entries and vat return for making tax digital. You only need to connect each company once to DataDear directly from the DataDear Excel toolbar or from the DataDear web dashboard.


DataDear’s deep 2 way integration between Excel & QuickBooks, allows you to report, export, import and delete your transactions easily and quickly, directly within Excel, without the need for any download or upload saving you the time in mapping and storing your files. This is the ideal companion for small businesses and accounting firms which still love using Excel as it can help your business or accounting firm reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve the quality of your work. DataDear can also generate consolidated reports for a group of companies with filters by tracking category.



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A free 30-day trial with no credit card required. Then a simple monthly plan designed for both businesses and accounting firms with volume discounts as more companies are added to the account. Tailored packages are available for over 25 connections.

Up to 4 Companies USD $20 Unlimited 30 day free trial and covers up to 4 connected companies with unlimited usage and users. Groups are free of charge.
More than 4 Companies USD $5 Unlimited Custom pricing and discounts available for over 5 connected companies.

DataDear boasts an excellent Customer Experience with a 5 star rating on helping out customers. This covers an online Community Forum, Knowledge Base, Online Helpdesk, DataDear Experts and Videos.

Online support:


Can DataDear help me with Making Tax Digitial VAT submission in the UK?
Yes you may submit the VAT return for UK clients under the Making Tax Digitial - providing a long term solution to work with clients who wish to remain keying their data into Excel. Instead of thinking QuickBooks or Excel, start thinking QuickBooks with Excel, this way you can enjoy all of the other benefits QuickBooks has to bring, without having to rekey your clients data and remaining compliant for the digital tax changes.
How is DataDear different to other Excel integrations?
DataDear is an excel based plug in, allowing you to extend your QuickBooks data to Excel LIVE. Our toolbar sits directly within Excel, allowing you to access all of your clients/companies once you have authorised once, we can store your filters and design format meaning when you ask for your data, it comes in the exact format you prescribed, without having to change each time. This can lead to significant time savings for repetitive tasks that are completed between QuickBooks and Excel.
Is my data safely stored?
We value your privacy and data security! With DataDear you have full control over which data gets accessed and by whom. No accounting data is stored within the DataDear servers (hosted on Azure) as this is only temporarily passing through DataDear, whilst passing this is encrypted, using bank-level SSL technology for secure data transmission. We fully comply with GDPR legislation.
Is there any specific templates or formats for uploading transactions?
We provide a full stack of templates to utilise our smart upload functionality to QuickBooks, you can find these templates on the DataDear Dashboard. Alternatively, you can map your existing data to any of these templates in Excel before uploading. An easy task which requires basic Excel skills or you may ask help within the Community forum or within the DataDear Expert Community.